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River – A French passion

Rogério Reis train surfers series collection of the MEP - Maison Européenne de la Photographie Paris.

Rogério Reis train surfers series collection of the MEP – Maison Européenne de la Photographie Paris.

River – A French passion

From 14 April to 9 August 2015
1th floor of the Pavilion – Gallery B
Gallery Talk: 14/4, at 3:0 pm

The Art Museum of the river-SEA brings to town a selection of 75 photographs and videos, from the collections of the most respected French institutions – Centre Georges Pompidou, Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP), Société Française de la Photographie and Musée Nièpce –, portraying Rio de Janeiro by original angles and natural. Rio – A French passion meeting records made by artists such as the Brazilians Marc Ferrez, Augusto Malta, José Oiticica, Alberto Ferreira and Rogério Reis, the French Raymond Depardon and Vincent Rosenblatt, the Moroccan Bruno Barbey and Romanian Gherasim Luca, among other exponents of Photo of the century 19 the actuality. Videographic production will be represented by Kátia Maciel, JR. and Stephen Dean, among others.

The exhibition, that is part of the celebrations of the anniversary of 450 years of the city and open the official program of the FotoRio 2015, has the curatorship signed by Jean-Luc Monterosso and Milton Guran, Deputy Cristianne curated Rao. The result of two years of research, Rio – A French passion is divided in four cores-History, Modernist, Contemporary and Documentary – presenting to the public rare footage, emblematic works and look abroad on scenes of everyday life in Rio.

“Until World War II, Rio de Janeiro was behind only Paris among the most photographed cities in the world. This was, in part, due to its natural beauty and exoticism – European standards-, the civilization that develops here, but also due to the support of the Imperial Government. The France, naturally, as homeland of photography, It was addressed to an expressive selection of this production which included administrative reports or specific albums, especially in the century 19. Over the next century, Although by other paths, important authors who have documented the river entered the French public museum collections”, explains Milton Guran.

Among the facts presented are the portraits of Rio's elite families registered by Portuguese Joaquim Insley Pacheco and pitched by the mass of the abolition of slavery, held in 17 May 1888, captured by the. Ahmad. One of the first exponents of Brazilian modernism in photography, José Oiticica, appears alongside other names of the movement as Emanuel Couto Monteiro and Sylvio Coutinho Mathur. Other highlights are the photographs of Raymond Depardon, one of the leading French artists in the news, and the work of Vincent Rosenblatt funk culture in town.

The exhibition is on display between 14 April and 9 August. On opening day, at 3:0 pm, happens a little Gallery featuring Milton Guran, Raju Rao, Rogério Reis and Bruno Barbey. On 16, at 3:0 pm, It is the turn of Jean-Luc Monterosso speak to the public. Along with Rio – A French passion, the sea opens to the public the show Kurt Klagsbrunn, a humanist photographer in Rio (1940-1960).

Artists: The de Barros Araujo, Alberto Ferreira, Augusto Malta, Bruno Barbey, Chakib Jabor, Emanuel Couto Monteiro, Eugenia Grandchamp, Gherasim Luca, Joaquim Insley Pacheco, JR, José Oiticica, Kátia Maciel, Marc Ferrez, Marcelo Lins Malik, Paul Almasy, Raphaël Landau, Raymond Depardon, René Burri, Rogério Reis, Stephen Dean, Sylvio Coutinho Mathur, Thierry Cohen and Vincent Rosenblatt.

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