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I book in Canada. Photo: Disclosure.
I book in Canada. Photo: Disclosure.

Book fair in Canada opens registration for writers

More than selling books, the writers seek to take your concept, your art and your way of seeing the world for the universe of readers. Thinking about it, the I book of Canada lies with entries open to Brazilian authors. Organized by ZL Publisher, the event will take place in the days 9 and 10 September in Montreal. Those interested need to subscribe, even day 30 August, by email zlcomunicacao8@gmail.com.

In addition to disseminate the brazilian literature outside our borders, There will be lectures by writers that will highlight on the challenges of the publishing market, the importance of collective work, How to set goals when you decide to edit a work among other issues.

According To Jo Ramos, creator of the project, the Hall will also meet artists, students and teachers. "The main objective is to promote innovative proposals for the brazilian literature, as an ally in the deepening and extension of international fairs ".

She says the freelance writers need to build new bridges to access the publishing market which today closes in just a few names. "So, We want to instill the generation of more effective exchanges between the two countries ", highlights.

– The idea is to make the author take your work to a larger audience winning new readers, In addition to access new forms of dissemination of your work – concludes.

I book fair of Canada
Registration by email: zlcomunicacao8@gmail.com

Deadline: until 30 August

Date of the event: 9 and 10 September
City: Montreal (Canada)
Local: Padoca Pâtisserie Presidente

Address: 1440, Rue Amherst, H2L, 3L3.


  1. I am a poet and writer,I have so many ideas in my head, and I long very much to have the opportunity to show my work to the world,because I could not do any book,and I know I can do not only a book but many books, so I am here,I hope you guide me how to proceed, to talk, how to find a publisher who is interested in me, to help me,for I will show some of my poetry, You will see that it is worth, I ask you to help me with this gift I have,for building the world, by reading

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