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Brasil Jewelry Weekend, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

São Paulo hosts first international exhibition of jewelry in Latin America

BRAZIL JEWELRY WEEKEND born from the desire to see, in one space, the most recent production of Brazilian and foreign artists jewelers

Conceived by Brazilian jeweler Chrissie Barban, curated by Miriam Mirna Korolkovas, the first edition of BRASIL JEWELRY WEEKEND it happens in House Park. In an innovative and unique action, thought to occur annually, artists, jewelers and Brazilian and foreign designers participating in this international event, showing the public his latest productions in the field of copyright and contemporary jewelry, wearable works of art or wearable art. The event lasts just two days, with several parallel activities such as lectures, open conversations, workshops, beyond individual exhibition Edith Derdyk, Miriam Mirna Korolkovas e Flavia Liz, and the launch of the book that records everything on the first edition.

In order to inspire new behavioral and aesthetic experiences, to BRASIL JEWELRY WEEKEND It appears to address the lack of events, exhibitions and trade fairs for jewelery – understood as a work of wearable art, shaped adornment. as defined Chrissie Barban: “The idea is to show the public works using the body as support artistic events, and creating experimental dialogues to renew, reinvent and experiment with new materials, techniques and concepts in the act of decorating”. In addition, the event offers the opportunity to admire a special selection of contemporary jewelry, and to strengthen the contact between collectors and artists. Following the major international fairs format, each jeweler will have a mobile standard for composing and exhibit their creations.

As regards the curated, “the main objective is to select jewelers to express themselves in an original way and both personal. concerned Jewelers in surprise, challenging contexts and ideas using the body as support”, comments Miriam Mirna Korolkovas. The curator will be honored in this first edition of BRASIL JEWELRY WEEKEND, because of their 50 years of contribution to Brazilian contemporary jewelry.

A BRASIL JEWELRY WEEKEND It happens at an opportune time in front of an art increasingly plural and diverse market, and makes room for the inclusion of an artistic technique as fascinating as the other. In this sense, also brings forth the concept of fall exceeded that jewelry is not the work of art. About this prejudice, gallery owner Thomas Cohn has said: “We're talking about a product made by artists, using techniques similar to those of other arts, and its millenary history has, from the twentieth century, as protagonists, prominent figures of painting and sculpture, Picasso, Braque, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Dalí, Calder, Jean Arp, Giacometti, Fontana and many others”. In the words of gallerist: “The author of jewelry has about 40 years, 200 specialized galleries in the world and is part of the best museums collection. The reason for discrimination can only be the result of ignorance and - let's face it - a very efficient operation of the jewelry world”.

Idealization: Chrissie Barban
Curated By: Miriam Mirna Korolkovas
Jewelers Artists: International: Anne points / USA, Bettina Speckner / GERMANY, Claudia Cucchi / ITALY, Cristina Filipe / PORTUGAL, Eija Mustonen / Finland, Erato Koloubi / GREECE, Estela Saez / SPAIN, Flora Go / HUNGARY, Iris Eischemberg / USA, Jorge Manilla / MEXICO, Korneljia Gerikaite / Lituania, Marta Matson / SWEDEN, Monika Brugger / FRANCE, Nana Thumb / MEXICO, Patricia Skein / USA, Peter Decker / NEW ZEALAND, Sofia Björkman / SWEDEN;
national: 189, Amanda Nardi, Ana Calbucci, Atelie Mourao, Eighteen Atelier, Atitocou, Aurea Sacilotto, Bauer, Drill, Carla Vaz, Carol Bergocce, Chrissie Barban, Christiane Arcega, Cynthia During, Daniela Foresti, Diego Saraiva, space Mix, Hope Leria, Fabiana Queiroga, Fedra de Faria, Cloth flower / Rosani, Gislaine Ribeiro, Guilit Wass, Guinalz, Iassi, Iza Trinas, Janaina Bonadio, Josette Cristina , Juliana Veinert, Lab 22, Larissa Moraes, Lisa Saito , Lucas Shirts, Lucca Yallouz, Lucia Consalter, Luiza Hermeto, Marcelo Novaes, Cirne Marcia, Mari Steward, Miguel Betti, Monica Severo, Munich Polished, N.I.Njewels, New Galery, Ocreartes, Paula Di Dario, Pohl, Rachel Photographer, Rafaela Delbon, Raquel Neves, Queen Burgh, Regina Cerucci, Roberta Freitas (Beta Core), Rosana Boniconte, Ruby Yallouz, Sandra Manin Frias, Sharoni Aizental, Say Roeder, Soiis Rabello, Sylvia Camarero, Tarcisa Avian, Tatiana Gravina, Telma Aguiar, Viola Reider ARC, Virgilio Bahde, Wee.
Dates: 21 and 22 September 2019
Timetables: Saturday and Sunday, from 10 at 19h
Local: Park of Culture House
Address: Av. Prof. Fonseca Rodrigues, 1300 – Alto de Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP
Entrance: Free entrance


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Chrissie Barban

Formed in fashion at the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, post-graduate of Central Saint-Denis Martins, in London (2007). jewelery from 2005, It owns the online gallery of contemporary jewelry www.nucleojoalheriacontemporanea.com. It is fascinated by life and everything that is alive. Investigates the world around visceral way, their interest is by its own uniqueness as well as the uniqueness of its surroundings. It is inspired by the differences and cultivates. Enjoy the diverse and requests.

Miriam Mirna Korolkovas

Graduate and PhD in Architecture and Urbanism, the University of São Paulo - USP. A master's degree in Fine Arts, at Pratt Institute (USA). It was selected as Visitor Professor Scholar, the Fulbright Commission / CAPES, na University of Michigan – School of Art & Design - USA (2009). Current ambassador of Art Jewelry Forum in Brazil. It was a pioneer in the Brazilian contemporary jewelry speech - owner of extensive curriculum and prodigious. In this year of 2019, celebrates 50 years of contribution to the national contemporary jewelry.

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