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“A Bênção” series launches soundtrack

The work of composer Felipe Longhi can be seen for free on the platforms

happens on the day 5 July, (Monday), at 19h, the launch live on Instagram from the national series soundtrack "The blessing". Composed by Felipe Longhi ("Port of the Dead"), the work can be seen at the platforms Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and other. The 33 tracks punctuate the narrative of the first season available to subscribers Globoplay. In the plot, the creation of a revolutionary drug that promises to block the fear of death ends up unleashing a web of events involving scientists, a psychiatrist and her patients, cops and other characters. Created by Frederick Streets and Leo garcia, the attraction driven by David de Oliveira Pinheiro and Emiliano Cunha brings in your cast Aldri Annunciation, Priscilla Colombi, Maria Galant, Werner Schünemann and João Campos.

First song written for the series, The blessing (opening theme) was created while reading the script.. "I tried to produce a song that had a happy and sunny side embraced by a dense and a little more solemn side, but without facing the dispute between life and death as something necessarily tragic", explains Porto Alegre Felipe Longhi. "Now I think I took this approach maybe even as an antidote to myself. Not so much for being afraid of my own death, but that of everything that surrounds me: people, animals, dreams, memoirs", concludes.

“In creative terms, my intention was to contribute especially to the atmosphere of the story, in a melodramatic direction but with little melody, and more texture-based, in a mixture of electronic and electro-acoustic elements", Describes Longhi. in addition to the incidental music, the trail of “The blessing” includes six original songs from different genres (written together with the Recife musician Fappo), among them the pagoda When does it hurt and the sertaneja end of hollywood. “The blessing” is an achievement of flying rabbit, Exit and Anti Films, financed by the Audiovisual Sector Fund through the ANCINE and BRDE.

The blessing – Soundtrack

Available for free | 33 tracks | 1h18min

Live launch day 05/07/21, at 7pm on Instagram @abencaoserie | Participate the composer Felipe Longhi and the directors David de Oliveira Pinheiro and Emiliano Cunha

Platforms: Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and other: ps.onerpm.com/1034637779

The blessing (2020) (8 x 50’)

Episodes available to subscribers Globoplay

Series created by Frederico Ruas and Leo Garcia | Direction: Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro and Emiliano Cunha | Rating: 16 years


Main cast: Aldri Annunciation, aurea baptist, João Campos, Maria Galant, Priscilla Colombi, Rodolfo Ruscheinsky e Werner Schünemann | supporting cast: Adriano Basegio, Gabriela Poester, Juliana Wolkmer, Liane Venturella, Marcelo Restori, Margarida linera, Pedro Nambuco, Rafael Tombini and Rossendo Rodrigues;

Created by: Frederico Ruas and Leo Garcia | Showrunner: Leo garcia | Co-showrunner: Frederick Streets | original concept: Frederick Streets, Leo Garcia and Pedro Harres | Screenplay: Denise Marchi, Frederick Streets, Iuli Gerbase, Leo garcia, Pedro Galiza and Thiago Wodarski | Direction: Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro and Emiliano Cunha | Executive Production: Leo Garcia and Pedro Guindani | Production: David de Oliveira Pinheiro, Emiliano Cunha, Frederico Ruas and Leo Garcia | Makeup: Juliane Senna | Art direction: Ana Musa | Director of photography: Edu Rabin | Assembly: Daniel Almeida and Thais Fernandes | Sound Design and Mixing: William Cassius, Gustavo Foppa and Jonts Ferreira | Music: Felipe Longhi | Realization: flying rabbit, Output e Anti Filmes | Financing: Audiovisual Sector Fund through ANCINE and BRDE.

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