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Will and Japs are known for their urban art. Photo: Disclosure.

Sesc Sorocaba promotes customization objects workshop

Attendants can exercise creativity in two days of activities for free

Obra de Will e Japs. Foto: Divulgação.

Work of Will and Japs. Photo: Disclosure.

The graffiti artists and Visual Artists Will Fernandez and Michel Japs will be back to the Sesc Sorocaba during the days 21 and 22 November, saturday and sunday, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, for another edition of "customization of objects". To participate, just sign up in advance in the call center of the unit. The event is sequential, therefore, It is essential the presence during the two days scheduled.

The public can exercise creativity and learn about customization of niches with stencil and freehand drawings with colored pens, paints and other materials. The stencil is a technique used to depict a drawing or illustration that may represent a number, Letter, typographical symbol or any other form or figurative or abstract image, through the application of paint, aerosol or not, by cutting or drilling in paper or acetate.

The attraction is part of the project "Skateboard…a ride by Sesc ", that brings to the public the Sesc Sorocaba several activities related to the universe of skateboarding, with the promotion of a lead free, shows and workshops. Check out the complete program of the event and other attractions by accessing the sescsp.org.br/sorocaba portal and following the Sesc official Sorocaba on Facebook: facebook.com/sescsorocaba

Will e Japs também ilustraram muro do Sesc Sorocaba. Foto: Divulgação.

Will and Japs also illustrated wall of Sesc Sorocaba. Photo: Disclosure.

The artists

Will Fernandez have had several works exhibited in various shows in Sorocaba, In addition to having taught classes of graphite at the Foundation House. He was also ahead of different workshops on art and cultural events in São Paulo. Learn more about the work done by him in www.will.art.br.

Michel Japs, So how Will Fletcher, has his works scattered in several spaces of Sorocaba. Its partnership with Will began in 2010, When both participated in events held by the Secretariat of Youth. I've made several artistic works together. Learn more about Michel Japs and meet your work in www.micheljaps.tumblr.com.

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Customizing objects
With Will Fletcher and Michel Japs, graffiti writers and visual artists
Days 21 and 22/11, saturday and sunday, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Sequential
Local: Sesc Sorocaba, gym, Rua Barão de Piratininga, 555, College Garden
Rating: 14 years
Value: free (Advance registration at call center)

15 vacancies


Parking lot:
For enrolled at Sesc = R$ 4,00 the first hour and R$ 1,00 for additional time.

Not Enrolled = R $ 8,00 the first hour and R$ 2,00 for additional time.

More info:
(15) 3332-9933 or

Check on map:

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