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Sestini launches an exclusive collection of hand-painted suitcases

Projeto Sestini Urban is a space for Brazilian artists to customize suitcases with unique works of art


Innovation was Sestini's motto, reference in bags, backpacks, handbags and accessories, for the launch of the platform art Sestini Urban. The project turns suitcases into canvases, so that contemporary artists can create unique works, hand painted. In this way, the brand brings the aesthetics of urban art to the products and approaches the young public, trend consumer who is looking for exclusive items.

The intention of Sestini Urban is to make art transcend fixed spaces, expand your presence and travel together with the customer. “We looked for a reference in one of the most democratic artistic expressions of today to propose a movement that has no borders and unites art, identity and social impact through the customization of our bags”, explains the Co-CEO of Sestini, Edward Ruschel.


A banquet at Sestini, the curatorship of the first phase of the project was under the responsibility of the artist Didu Losso, that develops cultural initiatives for 19 years and has a series of signatures on paintings, sculptures and installations in Brazil and the United States. He is joined by exponent names such as Akemi Higashi, Dan Roots, Fabio Maca, thief, Karol Stefanini, Kuêio, Moon Buschinelli, Mag Mog e Minhau. Each artist managed to print their unique traits, using proper techniques and appropriate tools for the conservation of the work in the structure of the bags.

Custom models can be found for sale exclusively on the project's official website. Sestini Urban. In this first phase, are just 32 bags available, no replacement. Part of the proceeds from sales will go to Associação Laramara, who develops artistic projects with children, visually impaired youth and adults.


All information and movements, including more details about the artists' biography and the personalized bags can be accompanied by the official profile of the project on the social network.

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About Sestini

Sestini is one of the references in the bag segment, bags, backpacks and accessories, and has been in the market for 28 years, with hundreds of new products every year. During this period, gained prestige among all audiences and today is recognized for being a brand capable of uniting quality, innovation, style and affordable prices. It has partnership with major national and international brands, for the development of exclusive collections, that suit different occasions. The network's products are available in more than 60 physical stores across the country, including own units and franchises, in addition to thousands of multi-brand points of sale and online stores. Access the site and follow us social networks.

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