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OLiberato pop sound animates the Young public Evenings in Copacabana

Globe project leads the singer to the Kiosk of the Globe the day 21 February, Sunday, às 17h

Cantor e compositor OLiberato. Foto: Ygor de Oliveira.

Singer-songwriter OLiberato. Photo: Ygor de Oliveira.

The Kiosk of the Globe will be the presentation of another revelation of the Young station project Afternoons that leads to the public new talents of Brazilian music. On 21 February, Sunday, from 5 pm, singer-songwriter OLiberato promises to show a relaxed show, dance and bring to locals and tourists who were passing through the edge of Copacabana.

The sound of pop artist also has a reggae, in rock and MPB. OLiberato was part of the team of the singer Lexter in launching the tour Show of the powerful in Bahia and established partnerships with various artists, among them Carlinhos Brown and Nando Reis. In addition to hits from other composers, the musician will perform songs from his EP "Joy", first physical material of the artist who has five tracks copyright.

CD Young Afternoons

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Since 2013, the Young talent is presenting Afternoons of the new generation of Brazilian music. After the success of the first season, with the participation of 20 artists, was released the CD Young Afternoons, produced by Globe and distribution of Som Livre. Thiago Martins, Gabby Moura, Forfun, The Teeth, Tereza Band, Lica Tito, Pedro Mann, Thales Cabral, Mariana Volker, Julia Bosco, Ganeshas, Jaison Mathew, Jo Lutério, Laila Nassau, Luiza Baratz, Nuria Mallena and Vanessa Longoni recorded the album.


The second CD featured the participation of Maria Luiza, Renan Pitanga, Manu Gavassi, Fernando Temporão, Gustavo Macacko, Ale Vanzella, Hover, Rufio, Side by side, Red bear and Mowgli and Creators of chance. The third edition of the project, starting in January 2016, has promoted concerts of Le trio Raleh, Raphaello Mazzei and Jennifer Birth.

The albums of the first and second season of Youth Afternoons are for sale in physical stores and digitally on iTunes and other streaming platforms (Deezer, RDIO and Spotify).

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Young Afternoons
Date: 21 February, Sunday
Attraction: OLiberato
Local: Globe kiosk-Copacabana (height of Muthiah Street)
Time: 17h

Rating: Free


Next edition:

28/02 -Hillbilly Faction – Globe kiosk

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