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SP-Arte reaches its 19th edition with more than 150 exhibitors and expansion of the design sector

Art. Culture. Meeting. Most important art fair in Latin America, SP–Arte celebrates the heating up of the art and design market in its 19th edition. From 29 of the March 02 April, the The Bienal Pavilion receives more than 150 exhibitors, between national and international art galleries, design studios, Publishers, cultural institutions and independent spaces.

Traditional headquarters of SP–Arte since its creation, this year, the pavilion designed by Oscar Niemeyer houses exhibitors of 8 countries (Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Peru, and Uruguay) and 20 Brazilian cities, as Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Fortaleza, beyond São Paulo. To Fernanda Feitosa, founder and director of SP–Arte, the fair is an example of how the art positively moves the city's agenda, boosts the entire sector chain and projects the country's image in the world.

“For its trajectory of success and resilience over almost two decades, SP–Arte is now a milestone in the national cultural calendar. The event brings together the best selection of artists and exhibitors in the country and a rich program that makes SP-Arte a unique experience for visitors.”

This year, the fair celebrates the growth of almost 30% of the sector design compared to the last edition, gathering now 44 exhibitors. FAS rookies, Guto Requena and Porfirio Valadares join the participants who have been at the fair since the sector debuted, in 2016, as ETEL, ,ovo, Teo e Jacqueline Terpins.

The event also receives a set of eleven galleries International. Among the foreign novelties of the year are Galerie Younique, Maât Gallery, Night Gallery e Nil Gallery. After successful experiences in previous editions of the event, return to El Museo galleries / Fernando Pradilla, Missions Gallery, South Gallery, Opera Gallery, Piero Atchugarry and Zielinsky, with emphasis on the presence of the Argentinean Herlitzka + Faria.

The Brazil, highlight not only for heavyweight galleries such as A Gentil Carioca, Almeida & Dale, Forts D'Aloia and Gabriel, Gomide&Co, Luis Strina, Mendes Wood DM e Millan, but also for the younger ones, like Galatea, Central, Block, Lima Galeria and Asfalto — the last two debuting this year. See the full list of exhibitors below..

Art Sector

  1. The Gentle Carioca
  2. Alban
  3. Almeida & Dale
  4. AM Gallery
  5. Protection 60
  6. Andrea Rehder
  7. Anita Schwartz
  8. Arte57
  9. ArteFASAM
  11. Asphalt
  12. Athena
  13. Aura
  14. Berenice Arvani
  15. BG27
  16. Bianca Boeckel
  17. Bordallo Pinheiro
  18. C.gallery
  19. Carbon
  20. Carmo Johnson Projects
  21. yellow rose house
  22. Triangle House
  23. Cassia Bomeny
  24. Celma Albuquerque
  25. Central
  26. culture shock
  27. To be continued
  28. AND Galeria
  29. Eduardo Fernandes
  30. The museum / Fernando Pradilla (COL – ESP)
  31. Station
  32. Folio
  33. Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel
  34. Front
  35. Gabriel Wickbold
  36. Gaby Indio da Costa
  37. Galatea
  38. Missions Gallery (URU)
  39. South Gallery (URU)
  40. Gisela Projects
  41. Gomide&Co
  42. Herlitzka + Faria (ARG)
  43. Hilda Araujo
  44. HOA
  45. stainless steel
  46. Ipanema
  47. Isabel Pinheiro
  48. Janaina Torres
  49. Rudder
  50. Leonardo Leal
  51. Lima
  52. Luciana Brito
  53. Luciana Caravello
  54. Luis Maluf
  55. Luis Strina
  56. Lume
  57. Maât Gallery (FRA)
  58. Mammoth
  59. Map
  60. Marcelo Guarnieri
  61. Ground Zero
  62. Marilia Razuk
  63. Marli Matsumoto
  64. Matias Brotas
  65. Mendes Wood DM
  66. Millan
  67. Mitre
  68. Nara Roesler
  69. Night Gallery (USA)
  70. Nil Gallery (FRA)
  71. OWN
  72. Opera Gallery (FRA – SIN)
  73. Orlando Lemos
  74. Signed Paper
  75. Paulo Darze
  76. Paulo Kuczynski
  77. Piero Atchugarry (USA – URU)
  78. Pinakotheke
  79. Vilaseca Doors
  80. Venus Project
  81. Block
  82. Rafael Moraes
  83. Raquel Arnaud
  84. Reference
  85. Rodrigo Ratton
  86. RV Culture and Art
  87. Silvia Cintra + Box 4
  88. Simões de Assis
  89. stone ART
  90. Steiner
  91. Surface
  92. Red
  93. VERVE
  94. Ybakatu
  95. Younique (FRA – PER) 
  96. Zielinsky (ESP)
  97. Zilda Fraletti
  98. Zipper

Design Sector

  1. ,ovo
  2. +55 design
  3. 31 Furniture
  4. Alex Rocca
  5. ALVA
  6. andre ferri
  7. Apartment 61
  8. Artemobilia
  9. Xingu Indigenous Banks
  10. Candida Loss
  11. Christian Bertolucci
  12. home grown
  13. deezign
  14. Dilettante 42
  15. studio inside
  16. Rain Studio
  17. FOOD
  18. FAS
  19. Gustavo Bittencourt
  20. Guto Requena
  21. Cultural Heritage
  22. Hugo France
  23. humberto da mata
  24. Jacqueline Terpins
  25. Julia Krantz
  26. Concept
  27. The lamp
  28. Leandro Garcia
  29. Mac Design
  30. Marcos Amato
  31. Mail Kawahara
  32. Time Furniture
  33. Nicole and Luiza Toldi
  34. novidary
  35. particular.art.br
  36. Past Compound 20th Century
  37. Plataforma4
  38. Porfirio Valladares
  39. Rodrigo Silveira
  40. Sandra & seminars and visitation workshops – it was possible thanks to the association between the production company 4Art and Márcio Teixeira
  41. Suite Design
  42. Teo
  43. Varnish
  44. WENTZ


  1. Act.
  2. Tatura Banking
  3. BEĨ
  4. Cobogó
  5. Desap
  6. Editorial Photo
  7. Twins
  8. Olhares
  9. seLecT
  10. Sesc
  11. Bags
  12. Terra Virgo Editions
  13. Ubu

Cultural institutions and independent spaces

  1. Studio 397
  2. House of the people
  3. Inclusartiz
  4. Inhotim
  5. Institute of Contemporary Art – IAC
  6. MASP - Museu de Arte de São Paulo
  7. Pivot
  8. Solar dos Abacaxis


SP–Arte maintains a close collaboration with its sponsors, who share the aspiration to create a global platform for the exchange of ideas that drive the art world forward. SP–Arte has the master sponsorship of Grupo Unipar, Iguatemi, Itaú and Vivo, and is sponsored by Chandon, Mitsubishi, Terrazas and Tiffany & Co.


19ª SP–Arte
29 March - 02 April 2023
Biennial Pavilion – Ibirapuera Park

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29-March 30th: 14h–20h
31 March–01 April: 12h–20h
02 April: 11h–19h

R$ 70 (entire) R$ 35 (half price) 
The online box office will open at the end of February
Half price for students, people with disabilities and the elderly (required the submission of document)
children up to 10 years old do not pay admission

Parental guidance

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