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Sri Deva Kumaar of Chennai, India

Work of art of Sri Deva Kumaar

Sri Deva Kumaar is a Visual Artist.

Sri Deva Kumaar of Chennai, India

I started drawing since I was a baby, but I discovered that I was good at 7 years old. I like art that is very personal to the artist without any reference, which they visualize in their heart.

When I create an artwork, I feel like God. I become a creator in the moment that I see my work complete. I always drawing from the inside of my soul, what I love to do, but also inspired me in the outside world.

Work of art of Sri Deva KumaarSpeaking of masterpieces of humanity that impressed me, as everyone speaks “Monalisa”, I get inspired every work of Leonardo da Vinci, and I also like arts of Jermey Lipking, Vladimir Volegov, and M.F. Husain.

I want the moment of creation always. I'm always creating visual in my soul, and for those who are starting, I just want them to scribble a lot, but with proper visuals on mind until they get.

Work of art of Sri Deva KumaarI am a budding artist, I haven't learned art. I do not know how it came to me, but I also don't know nothing else except art in my heart. I was scribbling all my childhood behind my classnotes while class is boring and on hands, legs and all over my body to create my one temporary tattoos. Now I am clueless were to go whom to guide me and what will be my future, but I am still creating, exploring, learning.


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Chennai India
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Phone: +91 – 9042707055
E-mail: sridevakumaar777@gmail.com


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