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"The Forgotten History of the Inn on the Road", cover - featured, of C. The. Saltoris. Disclosure.

Fiction book raises reflections on the consequences of giving up on oneself

“The Forgotten History of Inn on the Road”, of C. The. Saltoris, wins new edition by Grupo Editorial Coerência With remarkable lecture at TED, the woman who gives life to the artist C. The. Saltoris stands out for mastering a very present subject in ...

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Book: "The Twentysomething Tale" by Cecilia Vallim, cover. Disclosure.

Cecília Vallim launches “O Tal do Twenty and Few Years”, motivational book about twenties crises

The author's debut work was released by Grupo Editorial Coerência Cecília Vallim, Goiás from 22 years, his debut in literature with “O Tal do Twenty and Few Years”, motivational book aimed at young people and adults over the age of twenty and ...

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Bianca Gulim e seu livro "Contas a Pagar". Photo: Disclosure.

Coerência Editorial Group launches 2nd edition of “Accounts Payable”

Written by Bianca Gulim, the book was released in July this year First published in 2018, "Bills to pay” won a new edition in July this year. Published by Grupo Editorial Coerência and written by Bianca Gulim, the work stands out with a ...

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Carolina Reginatto, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Planet Earth is a scenario of combat and a lot of justice in “Numbers – The Runes of Power ”

Carolina Reginatto debuts in literature with a fantasy story full of motivational subjects involving overcoming and uniting Beings from another planet fight an emblematic fight on planet Earth in “Numbers – The Runes of Power ”, debut book by the economist and ...

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