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Virtual gallery Edgardo Stroetzel

See All Artist Info Plastic profile views. . EDGARDO Stroetzel Facebook Profile | Flickr Profile on Artworks Website E-mail: edgardo.stroetzel@facebook.com

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“The Creation – An Exhaust Valve” by Edgardo Stroetzel

The Creation – There is a Exhaust Valve ears ready to listen… there are others who seem to listen… and others are completely closed… Artists have… More than a gift… a natural escape… its creation… Incoming messages without knowing ...

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Virtual Exhibition of Digital Edgardo Stroetzel

Edgardo Stroetzel (Tribute) He made several exhibitions that have earned him several awards and five first prizes in five years of participation in competitions, also exposing abroad. At one time, colleagues commented that his forte was not the picture, ...

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The Digital Art of Edgardo Stroetzel

EDGARDO (EDGARD) Born in Stroetzel 15 on April 1952 Montevideo in Uruguay. Son of Painter, Landscapes in oil on canvas, his first attempts with image dating back to his teens. Performed their experiments using sheets of cardboard as a base, ...

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