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"Hobin Rude - Memories of a Sidekick", by author Hugo Maximo, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Hobin Rude: Publisher Kalima launches its first comic book via Catarse

"Hobin Rude - Memories of a Sidekick", comic book by Hugo Maximo, will be published by Editora Kalima via Catarse. Hugo Maximo brings a style of art/illustration little used in Brazil. A 3D and 2D digital art, showing a beautiful look ...

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1st Collective Financing Improvement Award Trophy. Exclusive trophy created by artist Pedro Girardello, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Unprecedented, 1º Collective Financing Improvement Award celebrates the 10 years of the sector in the country and encourages a more collaborative Brazil

– With open voting, public may elect, even day 12 de Mayo, in the best of the three finalist campaigns in the ten categories at premio.benfeitoria.com. Virtual Ceremony Happens Day 19. A prize where all of us win. This is how ...

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Book “Timóteo ea as Trees” by Adriana Jungbluth and Rodisley J. Silva, banner - featured. Disclosure.

Timothy and the Trees: book teaches children to preserve the environment

Writer Adriana Jungbluth and illustrator Rodisley J. Silva open collective financing in Catarse for the launch of the work With the great rate of environmental deforestation in Brazil during the year 2019, the artist Adriana Jungbluth together with the ...

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Ticket +1. Disclosure.

Affective-financial support network for women launches collective financing

Campaign focuses on carrying out training actions that help women take a first step towards changing their condition O Boleto +1 is a reception network for women built in March 2020 and ...

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Campaign seeks funding for collective display images you want to give visibility to stream flood

Thousands of people walk daily by Ipiranga Avenue, one of the main streets of Porto Alegre, and pass unscathed next to the creek Flood, without realizing that it is an important element in the city landscape. Mas nem ...

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