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Virtual gallery Waldir Bronson

See All Artist Info Plastic profile views. WALDIR BRONSON Avare - São Paulo Facebook Profile | Facebook Fan Page Website | Youtube | Profile Art E-mail Works: waldir_bronson@hotmail.com

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Bronson & Furuyama, 10 years later

Bronson & Furuyama, 10 years after exposure with Drawings, Prints and Paintings Waldir Bronson and Jonathan Medina Furuyama. Date: From the first week of May – 15. Local: Art Gallery Helena Calil Address: Largo São Benedito – ...

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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day 2 by Waldir Bronson

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day 2 by Waldir Bronson in 2003, a lesson in art history at the Universidade Braz Cubas with the great teacher René Frédéric Guy Petitdemange, had a very curious fact. Frédéric or simply Fred, as everybody called him was ...

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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Waldir Bronson

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Waldir Hello Bronson! I know several funny stories involving Fine Arts, but one that was even more marked at the time of the Faculty at the University Braz Cubas in Mogi das Cruzes – SP. I remember that in a ...

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Waldir Bronson

Waldir Waldir Bronson Bronson (São Paulo, 1984) academic training in fine arts and a minor in Visual Arts, However traverses several pictorial techniques, such as: watercolor, acrylic, oil, Encaustic, also performs a woodcut drawings and production. Artistic training comes from ...

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