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A book can change the course of the Great Navigations

“The King's Secret”, written by the paranaense Douglas Portelinha, mixes fiction and world history in an adventure plot

From Paraná to Bahia, the civil engineer Douglas Portelinha lived in different Brazilian states. because of the profession, also lived in six other countries: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Angola and Argentina. The experience with so many trips served as inspiration for the plot of The King's Secret.


A plot international is set in the Great Navigations. In the midst of the process of exploring the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, dated between the 15th and 16th centuries, an adventure involves the head of a spy agency, a templar knight and an ambitious king. Everyone fights for control of two important books: "New world", with advertisements from the New World, e “Summa Oriental”, which contains records of ports and regions with spices.

Historical facts are present during the narrative. There are, for example, Introduction to “Leonardo's Robot”, created by Leonardo da Vinci. In 1495, The artist expands the concepts of reality using, among other artifices,, architect and engineer presented to the Milan court a robotic machine operated by pulleys and cables. The object was functional and could replicate some movements.


Everyone leaned forward. Yohanna and Martina took a step at the same time, leaning shoulder to shoulder to watch the lion's chest open and the golden fleur-de-lis appear with the blue background. A faint noise of admiration in the air. The king smiled and said: – Science! Some minds are capable of doing incredible things. A brilliant mind made this automaton. But accumulating knowledge takes time and dedication.. (The King's Secret, PG. 471) 

The trajectory of Fernão de Magalhães, Portuguese navigator known for making the first sea voyage around the world, also appears in the novel. One year after boarding the ship, he died in Mactan, in the philippines, after engaging in combat with the islanders and being trapped in an ambush.


But a key character in the plot is the daughter of Américo Vespucci, explorer responsible for writing about the then “New World” for the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal. In the narrative, the navigator's successor runs a spy agency whose objective is to protect the books "Mundus Novus" and "Summa Oriental" from enemies.

Silver Medal in the category “Fiction in Portuguese” at the 24th edition of the International Latino Book Awards with “Draco Cola – the dragon's tail”, your debut work, Douglas Portelinha surprise again. With narrative arcs and deadly battles, The King's Secret offers the best quality entertainment for those looking for an intelligent read and a good dose of adventure after a day at work.


Title: The King's Secret
Author: Douglas Portelinha
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group
ISBN/ASIN: 978-989-37-3992-1
Pages: 490
Price: R$ 20 (e-book)
Where to buy: Amazon 

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About the author: Douglas Portelinha was born in Pitanga, in the interior of Paraná, and currently lives in São Paulo Civil engineer, he has lived in several cities in Brazil and in six different countries. He passed through regions such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama.

These trips around the world were a source of inspiration for his career as a writer.. His first book was "Draco Cola - The Dragon's Tail", who won a silver medal at the 24th edition of the International Latino Book Awards, in the category “Fiction in Portuguese”. "The King's Secret", author's latest release, blends world history with fiction.

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