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“One Night Not Nothing”, new film by Alain Fresnot

"Night Is not Nothing", new film by Alain Fresnot, It will be distributed in Brazil by Imovision and has its poster and trailer released, Check, to debut in Brazilian theaters will be day 22 August.

From the director of "Family Sells All", "Desmundo" and "Ed Mort", the film stars Paulo Betti, Claudia Melo, Luiza Braga and Daniel Hendler

The renowned French director living in Brazil, Alain Fresnot, director of successful works such as "Family Sells All" and "Desmundo" presents his new work "Night Is not Nothing" from day 22 August in theaters. Made by Paulo Betti, the film is set in the mid 80 in São Paulo, and portrays the life of Augustine, a decadent physics professor who falls in love with Marcia, one of his students. Marcia is a much younger woman he, emotionally disturbed and seropositive. They begin an intense relationship, causing Augustine begin to risk his marriage to Januaria, played by actress Claudia Mello.


Direction: Alain Fresnot
Screenplay: Alain Fresnot, Jean Claude Bernadet, Sabina Anzuategui
Production: Alain Fresnot
Photography: Pedro Farkas
Edition: Carone Jr / Alain Fresnot
Music: Arrigo Barnabé
Costumes: Patricia Herrerias
Genus: Drama, Romance
Country: Brasil | Year: 2018 | COLOR | Duration: 96 min. | Rating: the set
List: Paulo Betti, Luiza Braga, Claudia Mello, Fernanda Vianna, Daniel Hendler

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