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Van Gogh and ballet "Below" the Royal Ballet are the highlights of the session the Philos + Globosat

Saturday, 26 September, at 4:30 pm

The Philos Session next Saturday, day 26, will present in + Globosat, at 4:30 pm, the first episode of the series "Vincent – The Full Story ", When the art critic Waldemar Januszczak recognized features, After years of research, a new viewpoint on Van Gogh. Continuing the ballet "Infra", the Royal Ballet, presents a portrait of life under the surface of the city with the choreography by Wayne McGregor and music by Max Richter.

Vincent – The Full Story
EP. Missionary Religious
Year: 2004

Rating: 12 years
Director: Mark James
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 50 minutes
Synopsis: The award-winning art critic Waldemar Januszczak resumes in the footsteps of Van Gogh and, After extensive research, offers a revolutionary new view of the artist that we all think we know. In the first episode, the series features the childhood of Van Gogh in a religious home in the South of the Netherlands and the beginning of his career as an artist, going through a phase like religious and missionary for some heartache.

Year: 2008

Rating: Free
Director: Jonathan Haswell
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 30 minutes
Synopsis: In Latin, "Below" means "below". In this show created for the Royal Ballet, the choreographer Wayne McGregor presents a portrait of life under the surface of the city. With music by Max Richter and visual design of Julian Opie, the Ballet presents nice moves through multiple artistic layers, offering sinestésicos stimuli for the Viewer.

Saturdays, at 4:30 pm.
26/09 -"Vincent – The full story-EP. 1 "and" Below "

Philos session in + Globosat

The Philos Session takes to canal + Globosat a selection of the best documentaries about art, history, music, updates, Science, peoples and cultures. All productions displayed are part of the grid of the Philos.

About the Philos

Created by Globosat, the Philos is not a traditional channel. With a vast collection that brings together the best documentaries and unforgettable shows, Philos is available in the subscription video on demand (SVOD), where the viewer chooses the time and the content you want to watch, as many times as you want, by means of a signature.

With high quality productions, Philos brings together documentaries on art, Science, history, updates, music, peoples and cultures; debates and interviews; and dance shows and music-all in high definition (HD).

To access the Philos, It is necessary to hire the service through a pay TV operator that offers the package (GVT and NET, R$ 14,90 monthly) or by Globo.com (R$ 16,90 monthly), that gives you access to the entire collection. The content can be watched on TV (using the decoder of the operator), on the computer – the site www.philos.tv -or apps for iPhones, ipads and Android devices.



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