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# Soon. Credit: Vancouver Animation School.
# Soon. Credit: Vancouver Animation School.

Vancouver Animation School arrives in Brazil with free professional animation webinar

Online event takes place on days 31 of July and 4 September

Registration is now open for all of Brazil for the free professional animation webinar promoted by Vancouver Animation School (OLD), largest educational institution of its kind in Canada. The event takes place on Saturdays 31 of July and 4 September, às 14h, broadcast live on the Zoom platform. The program offers professionals and interested parties notions of 3D animation and conceptual art with the school's presentation to the Brazilian public. Subscriptions on the links bit.ly/3yY3iZm (day 31/07) and bit.ly/3z6DoCL (day 04/09). The activity will be in English and places are limited..

Founded in 2010, to Vancouver Animation School is a fully accredited online school offering advanced programs for the animation industries, visual effects and video games. The company offers vocational certificates, university degrees and courses in a variety of art and technology fields., media and design. In 2013, to OLD became the first institution 100% online to be fully accredited by Private Career Training Institutions Agency (Petir), British Columbia regulatory body, Canada.

The webinar brings the guidelines and objectives of the Vancouver Animation School and its faculty, in addition to animation concepts with the institution's director, the american Calvin Leduc, former animator of Disney. He worked on several studio animations, among them “Trapped Roger Rabbit” (1988) and “Mulan” (1998). Another prominent name is the American illustrator Todd Marshall (“Jurassic Park”) who will teach conceptual art. The Mexican also participates Mario Pochat, CEO and founder of OLD, who worked as an animator in “Garfield 2” (2006) e no game “Dead Rising 3” (2013).

In September, to Vancouver Animation School opens its first class for Brazilian students with special prices for students residing in the country. Regularly, the institution offers free tutorials on its channel on YouTube.

Vancouver Animation School Webinar Professional Animation

Free | In English | On the Zoom platform

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Day 31 July, 14h | Inscriptions: bit.ly/3yY3iZm

Day 4 September, 14h | Inscriptions: bit.ly/3z6DoCL

Official website: info.vanas.ca/digital-entertainment-foundations-certificate-brazil

Programming – Day 31 July 4 September, 14h

Faculty Director's Presentation, Calvin Leduc – 2min;

What is it OLD, 10 min;

University, 1 min;

Demonstration 1: 3d animation, 10 me for Calvin Leduc (Disney Animation);

Teacher presentation 3 mins;

Demonstration 2: Concept Art, 10 me for Todd Marshall (Jurassic Park);

student showcase, 10 min;

Digital Entertainment Program for Brazil, 5 min;

Q&A, VANAS Brazil, 5 min.

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