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Celina Moraes. Photo: Disclosure.
Celina Moraes. Photo: Disclosure.

Truth: which will set us free?

Celina Moraes *

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. How to identify the liberating truth in a fake-news galaxy, ideologies and opinions? There are those who have their truths that are tied to the person's own values. They are subjective truths. We can share or challenge them; applaud or praise them. But where is the liberating truth? For me, is in reality and in our behavior.

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Undisputed truth: the reality. Our desires don't influence her. Some postpone medical exams fearing the diagnosis. Postponing them does not change the result. Facing him is distressing, but it is the first step towards a cure if there is disease. Covid: tragic and real. In March, 201 loved ones lost their lives to the virus; in July, There were more than 32.000. It's like imagining the fall of almost 110 planes with 300 fatal victims in the month of July. And there are those who suppose the virus is a media invention, who doubts the deaths and who believes in empty coffins. Diggers daily carry tears, shattered pains and dreams. We are free to escape reality, but not to escape the consequences of what we don't want to see.

Truths you answer: the individual. There are those who when dealing with financial failures, professional and personal blame others or something, or regrets that you trusted the wrong people. There are always warning signs around our lives. We need to be aware. Taking our part in our own failures, is to invest in sanity. If no, we will be mere spectators licking life.

Undisputed truth: we are all sinners. The philosopher Baltasar Gracián wrote: “Better not to miss once than to hit a hundred. Nobody looks directly at the sun when it shines, but everyone does when an eclipse occurs. The hits, however numerous they are, do not attract half the attention of a single failure. The wicked are better known for criticism than the good for praise. Rest assured that malevolence will notice all your faults and none of your virtues.”Gracián passed away in 1658. His words show that the current cancellations and virtual justices are the ancient habit of throwing stones in new clothes. It is assumed that whoever shoots them has never sinned.

Truly truth. There are those who prefer to engage in a web of lies to justify mistakes or behavior. The truth has the advantage of being economical because it is one, save memory from unnecessary stress and can be repeated. Truth and freedom go together. A person who fears having his home and life investigated, imprisoned her freedom and became exiled in life. The phrase of writer Helen Keller (1880-1968) reflects, for me, this truth that sets you free: “you can never agree to crawl, when you feel the urge to fly.”

(*) Graduated in Letters, Celina Moraes is a writer and chronicler. Author of two romances "Never underestimate pedestrians” e “Place full of frogs”, who won the “Lúcio Cardoso” Award in 2010 for 3rd place in the international literature competition promoted by the Brazilian Writers Union of Rio de Janeiro (UBE-RJ). There was also the short story “Towards the top in a broken canoe” selected to compose the anthology of UBE, "Tales: Love and Pain Story ”.

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