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Victor Arruda, Belizean Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.
Victor Arruda, Belizean Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.

Victor Arruda, Marcus Otter, Daniela Bousso and Francisco Hurtz in conversation at BELIZÁRIO Galeria

Frill and Confusion Finissage

28 May – Saturday – 4pm to 6pm

BELIZÁRIO Gallery, on the occasion of Alexandre Palma directed short films about Patapio Silva and Casquinha da Portela. At the opening of the exhibition, the artist will present the performance from exhibition "Frill and Confusion”, welcomes the artist for a conversation Victor Arruda, the curator of exhibition Marcus Otter and, as guests, visual artist Francisco Hurtz and the historian, critic and curator Daniela Bousso. in this meeting, will talk about the bold and long trajectory of 50 years of the artist and his courage and boldness in highlighting important issues, but uncomfortable, for the society.

Contrary to what the themes chosen by the artist may suggest, for this exhibition, the works are not aggressive or with a dark character. His canvases are composed of a profusion of colors and figures., unusual traits but that bring strong and necessary messages. “The contemporary world explodes on the screens of Victor Arruda”, curator defines the. Painting allows the artist to consciously criticize his anxieties through the records of his unconscious.. “It dialogues with the marginal strands of modernism; shamelessly embraces folk art, graffiti, the anonymous urban visual language, and introduces aesthetic solutions of extreme sophistication” explains Marcus Otter.

With his mastery in the field of artistic techniques, Victor Arruda shows, since the years of 1970, examples of racism, homophobia and social segregation. while the artist, Marcus Otter and Daniela Bousso talk about the years lived, Francisco Hurtz offers the current view, present, public reaction to engaged art.

The master Victor Arruda is emphatic in his denunciations without ever forgetting to pack them in irony and color.

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  • the artist – VICTOR ARRUDA (Cuiabá, MT 1947)

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He decided that he would be a painter at the age of twelve and, at thirteen, moves to Rio de Janeiro where he continues his studies. Graduated in Museology from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), prepares his works based on unconventional aesthetic standards, making references to thought, according to him, and “antipainting" It's from “unsightly”, presenting irreverent images. His works bring references from iconic names in art such as Chagall, Picasso, Klee and Torres Garcia. The imagery he elaborates consists of scenes he experiences in his daily life..

His works are part of the most important collections in Brazil, such as that of Gilberto Chateaubriand. The artist is applauded by several critics and curators. According to the Italian critic Achille Bonito Oliva, Victor Arruda is one of the greatest Brazilian artists today.. In 2018, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM Rio) inaugurated an extensive retrospective of 50 years of Victor Arruda's artistic career, gathering 105 of your works. The solo exhibition entitled “Temporal”, in the Imperial Palace, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, was one of the most acclaimed in the country in 2021.

  • the Gallery

A BELIZÁRIO Gallery, headquartered in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo, is the result of a partnership between Orlando Lemos, José Roberto Furtado and Luiz Gustavo Leite. Its proposal aims to present itself as an additional option for participation and visibility of the production of emerging and consolidated artists in the panorama of Brazilian contemporary art in the São Paulo cultural circuit. The gallery joins the movement that seeks to promote horizons that establish new ways to redirect and expand the art market, thinking about the different trajectories and artistic productions that make it up. Thus, aiming at the promotion of the intrinsic cultural diversity in contemporaneity, serves as a stage for new and established artists, national and foreign, in partnerships with curators who are also imbued with the same purpose.

In BELIZÁRIO Gallery, we seek to serve a public that seeks the acquisition of artistic works and, also, the creation and promotion of new collections. Its collection consists of different themes and aesthetics, through the poetic universe of each artist. Its repertoire encompasses artwork from different languages, supports, techniques and media such as drawing, sculpture, photography, engraving, painting, objects, installation and others.

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