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Website CONTI outra, arts and related

Hello People,

Today I want to introduce you a website that covers very interesting topics, confer the presentation of CONTI other, arts and related by Josie Conti, Your Administrator, just below:

The work of another CONTI, and related arts began in Facebook just over 2 years with the publication of photographs and other works by artists. Came from a personal need your Administrator, a psychologist Josie Conti, had to have a place to store and share the materials that came to selecting sites worldwide.

Gradually, two other passions were added to the artistic material that was exposed: first shaft literature, with the inclusion of large fragments of authors and other reflections. Later, psychology with comments, strips and other materials that reflected on the condition and human behavior.

Misha Burlatsky

Foto de Misha Burlatsky.

However, for there was a better integration of materials, was the need to integrate another hosting platform that could organize longer texts, Articles and Videos.

Then created the CONTI another site that is organized in 3 main areas:


Arts and Entertainment

Literature and poetry

Psychology and behavior




Josie Conti


"Here you will find information that make you think, feel and grow. "


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    Foto de Misha Burlatsky. http://t.co/GzZJxZpxG9

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