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2ª Bienal Black Brazil Art starts day 13 January in online format

Free event runs until July 2022 and bet on racial and gender equality

With the theme Cartography and Hybridism of the Female Body: Visual and Affective Representation, to 2ª Bienal Black Brazil Art (2BiennialBlack) presents creations by individual and collective contemporary artists. Painting, sculpture, photography, installation, textile, video art and performance are some of the categories on display. Presentations, workshops and talks will be shown over the six months of the event.. The opening takes place on the day 13 January, at 19h, hair youtube. The attraction goes to 18 July. All activities are virtual and free.. The schedule is on the website bienalblack.com.br.

A shows brings together works selected from the public call for the event, guest artists from Brazil and abroad, and works and projects from two international residencies produced throughout 2021, RAVC (Brazil/Uruguay) and To incorporate (Brazil/Italy). The exhibition is divided into six axes: trifles, Hacker person, planting listen, Voice Mapping, body-space and To incorporate. Each subdivision presents a distinct sensory/emotional proposal.

“A Bienal Black Brazil Art remains an unprecedented initiative with the aim of creating a platform for dialogue, diffusion and sharing between the production of women artists, mainly black, or productions inspired by these women”, explains to museologist Patricia Brito, which shares the curatorship with Priscilla Costa and Zaika dos Santos. A Bienal Black acts in the collection and dissemination of art with a focus on the production of feminist artists. Altogether, to 2BiennialBlack gathers 250 works of more than 100 artists.

Alessandra Simões, Ana dos Santos, Camila de Moraes, Carolina Cerqueira, Hiromi Toma, Leda Maria Martins, Luciana Conceição, Nohara Arrieta and Tiffany Ward are some of the guests at the tables. Reaffirm that the idea of ​​gender diversity in a country such as ours, which is so plural, promotes excellence in its arts, in your culture and translates into your education”, evaluates Patricia. “Insisting that equality must be a decisive criterion not only in education but also in culture and in public and private life takes us out of the false myth of racial democracy as well.”, ends.


2ª Bienal Black Brazil Art (2BiennialBlack) | Cartography and Hybridism of the Female Body: Visual and Affective Representation

Opening: 13 January 2022, at 19h, YouTube | Online and free – until 18 th July 2022

Programming: bienalblack.com.br

Black Brazil Art

Official website: blackbrazilart.com.br | Facebook: /BlackBrazilArt

Instagram: @bienalblackbrazilart | Twitter: @blackbrasilart | YouTube: /BlackBrazilArt

About the Black Brazil Art Biennial

held in November 2019 to March 2020, themed Women (in) visible – the biennial toured the three capitals of southern Brazil in 12 art spaces, with the purpose of giving visibility to anonymous women, mainly black women in galleries and museums.. Altogether, more than 320 works of more than 160 artists. Still 2020 promoted the online cycle art without borders. In 2022, the Bienal prepares for its second edition, this time in virtual format.

About Curatorship

Patricia Brito

Independent curator, museóloga, mom, comunicóloga, entrepreneur and researcher of gender and race in the arts. She is a consultant at the Itaú Cultural Encyclopedia, member of the New York Art Museum Trustees Association and the International Association of Women's Museums.

Priscilla Costa

Artist, curator and researcher. He coordinates the VER.SAR podcast and is part of Coletivo Ka. PhD in Visual Arts from the University of the State of Santa (UDESC), where he integrates the RADIOFONIAS program and the Research group Contemporary artistic propositions and their experimental processes.

Zaika dos Santos

Multi-artist, researcher and scientist/scientific promoter of Afrofuturism. Founder of scientific/educational initiatives Afrofuturism: Art and STEM, the artistic and educational collective Saltosoundsystem and the multi-arts initiative Nok é Nagô. Audiovisual Technologist, in Radio and TV, in Web Design. Graduated in Degree in Fine Arts at Guignard – State University of Minas Gerais, big data specialist.


Curated By: Patricia Brito (RS), Priscilla Costa (SC), Zaika dos Santos (MG).

Support judges: Brazilian Association of Art Critics – ABCA, Itaú Cultural, Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC), International Association of Women’s Museums (IAWM);

Partnership and collaboration: Collective of Afro-Latin American Studies da Udelar.

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