Retrospective 2023 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig, a true alchemist of words, weaves a fascinating tapestry in its articles that transports us to the enchanted realms of art. Your column on the Obras de Arte website is a shining beacon, guiding us through the intricate labyrinths of human creativity. With mastery, Rosângela unravels the mysteries of the works, revealing nuances, contexts and … Read more

Modern Art – Expressionism in Brazil – Portinari o Pintor e o Poeta, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 1 – Discovery of Earth, 1941, Tempera with Glued Support on black paper, 28,6 x 29 cm. Rights João Candido Portinari. Photo: Candido Portinari, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

made a stop, one stop for the train to carry coffee, Before, difficult roads, only ox carts transited, taking days and days. After, a house here, another there. (PORTINARI, 2018, p.19) Portinari's Poetry is confused with his Painting and it may be that this excerpt from his poem brings to mind the universe of … Read more

Veruska Bahiense – “Cultivating Life”

Work "Illustrations PMC Rio de Fevereiro Watercolor, Coffee" by Veruska Bahiense, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Veruska, tell us a little about yourself… My name is Veruska Bahiense, born in Niterói, RJ. work as an illustrator, Design floral, and photographer. I studied Interior Decoration Technician and I just graduated in Bachelor of Arts at UFF. Illustration was something that I explored again with a lot of passion., I love turning text into images. The … Read more

Yi Zhu – “Deconstruct the material and rebuild the spirit.”

Obra "You give me thoughts and desires", featured.

Yi Zhu, tell us a little about yourself… I am a Chinese oil painting painter. I was born on 1958 in Beijing, China, and I started to get interested in painting in high school and participated in the extracurricular activities of the art group in elementary school and high school. Eu me formei em uma escola profissionalRead more

Jaqueline Benevento - “happy”

Artwork by Jaqueline Benevento, featured.

Jaqueline, tell us a little about yourself… Born in Niterói, in 27.10.1964, art teacher with a degree in fine arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, I love to enjoy a good rock. When she awoke her desire to be an artist? I've had this look since I was a child.. Because my grandfather and uncle were plastic artists. And … Read more

2ª Bienal Black Brazil Art starts day 13 January in online format

Fotoperformance & quot; Destination" (2021), featured. Photo: Mitti Mendonça.

Free event runs until July 2022 and bet on racial and gender equality With the theme Cartography and Hybridism of the Female Body: Visual and Affective Representation, a 2ª Bienal Black Brazil Art (2BiennialBlack) presents creations by individual and collective contemporary artists. Painting, sculpture, photography, installation, textile, video art and performance are some of the categories … Read more

Retrospective 2021 Juliana Vannucchi

“Interview with Marie-Louise Plum”, by: Juliana Vannucchi “TALES FOR BROKEN HEARTS AND MELANCHOLIC SOULS: “, by Juliana Vannucchi Thank you!! . . JULIANA VANNUCCHI Sorocaba – São Paulo Facebook Perfil | Facebook Fan Page Website Acervo Filosófico E-mail: Grupo no Facebook | Instagram LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Retrospective 2021 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig in 2021: PROJECT DAYS OF RECLUSION, by Rosângela Vig Art goes where the People are!, by Rosângela Vig FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM, by Rosângela Vig Exhibition by Franco Belli at Brazil Gallery – Art Gallery, by Rosângela Vig 8th. June Festival in Liechtenstein, by Rosângela Vig The Awakening of the Dream in Art, by … Read more

Retrospective 2021 Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti in 2021: Yara Delafiori – "Redemption, overcoming and transcending ”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti Wladmir Amoroso – “A way of life, a way of living ”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti 1st National Fine Arts Photographic Contest, by Edmundo Cavalcanti Impacted by Art – Virtual Exhibition, by Edmundo Cavalcanti Ana Mondini – “Art, expanding perspectives and … Read more

Artist Sonia Madruga enters the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts and in series “Passport to Freedom”

Sonia Madruga on the right at the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Famous for painting images of Our Lady, the artist from Rio de Janeiro Sonia Madruga placed a work in the scenarios of the miniseries “Passaporte para a Liberdade”, on TV Globo. The production addresses the courage and daring of Aracy de Carvalho, Carioca Sonia Madruga has a work on the sets of the miniseries “Passport to Freedom” (Germany) resgatou centenas de judeus das mãos dosRead more