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5 closet storage tips

Always kept clean and organized, the closet can add to the decoration of the room

The open closet is already a trend. The furniture fits into different types of decor and gives the room a touch of style..


On the other hand, the organization of open closets is essential to ensure practicality, besides making the environment more cozy.

Keeping it tidy can seem like a daunting task., but it is possible to adopt practical measures when cleaning and organizing.


Separate clothes by occasion, fabric, colors or prints, for example, can assist in the search for that suitable piece to complete the look, as well as harmonizing with the decoration of the room as a whole.

In order to help those who are willing to put order in this space, Juliana Alcantara, organization coordinator at the Telhanorte house, gives five tips to value even more the closet.



Like all activities that demand focus, the organization of furniture deserves dedication and attention.

Choose a day without commitments, in which it will be possible to remove all items from inside the space and carry out cleaning procedures are basic points to take into account before starting this process.

“The recommendation is to separate a day or two, depending on the rhythm, just for cleaning. This moment needs priority, comment Juliana.


Before starting to organize, it is necessary to list the steps of this whole process. Sort out colored clothes, with or without print, for example, can be a good start.

After, it is interesting to map where the most used pieces will be, optimizing space and keeping them in the spotlight.


Underwear, knitwear and bed and bath trousseau can be accommodated in organizing boxes. In addition to good options due to the internal space, according to Juliana, there are stamped boxes, with lids or not, produced in different materials that combine organization and style.

bags, shoes and accessories

Those who have many options for bags and shoes deserve a special space to accommodate them.. Regarding the shoes, they can be lined up on closet shelves. who prefer, you can use the organizers – ideal products for closets that have little space.

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the bags, depending on its volume, Can be stored in special bags. In this case, choose the ones produced in TNT (non woven fabric). This ensures that the piece does not accumulate dust or that the material spoils..

Used? keep

This is the golden tip to keep the space organized for longer.. Far beyond where and how to accommodate the parts, the routine of removing and storing belongings after use will certainly make the time invested in the organization be rewarded.

“That way nothing will be accumulated or out of its proper place, like those pieces that we leave in other rooms of the house”, ends Juliana.


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