Autumn Decoration: how to capture the essence of the season at home

Some specific items and colors bring the necessary comfort and desired sophistication to the indoor environment at this time of year.

As summer says goodbye and winter approaches, autumn emerges as a bridge between extremes, carrying with it an energy of transformation.


It is a season marked by the scarcest rain, by the persistent winds and the nights that gradually extend.

Between heat and cold, autumn transitions from exuberant color to serene sobriety.

It is a period in which nature becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration, full of charming details.

In Brazil, the season extends from March to June, bringing with it the cool breeze and the most sober and intense color palette that make up stunning landscapes.

For its natural beauty, the station can be easily incorporated into the home and interior decoration.

Check out how to use the variety of autumnal elements that provide a welcoming atmosphere full of personality.

Bet on the elements of the season

An incredible resource that all seasons provide are the elements that nature offers.

In the fall, the leaf arrangements, Longer-lasting flowers and items such as branches can be used in different spaces.

Branches and trunks can be transformed into hangers or shelves, and the wooden furniture itself brings more sophistication to the rooms.

Pastel-colored vases decorate small spaces well., like the bathrooms or the living room, and can even be placed on top of a coffee table or desk.

Still life can be added to common items such as baskets and pots.

Pine cones and straw combine with the more rural aspect that the season promotes.

Natural fiber can also be used in supports and pencil holders, newspapers or clothes.

The dry leaves of the trees bring the main aspect of the season and also increase the earthy tones.

They can be placed in glass jars, that retain their character and are easy to organize.

Prints and colors

The prints that best suit autumn are plaid and floral..

They can appear on bedding, like in blankets, and in the bathroom, such as towels and decorative pots.

In the kitchen, in the dining room and living room, prints can be on tablecloths, at the american games, on the sofa’s woolen blanket or cushions.

Patchwork quilts that mix different prints and fabrics also provide an autumnal feel..

The handmade and vintage look combines with still life and is cozy for milder, calmer days.

Neutral and earthy tones, like brown, beige and moss green, are part of the universe of autumn colors.

They reflect comfort, coziness and contact with the quietest and calmest nature.

Already yellow, Closer orange and red represent the leaves and the color of the days.

They can bring more joy and warmth to the mid-season.

One way to add them to decoration without exaggerating is to focus on small points of color, such as picture frames or picture frames.

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Colors can be in the furniture, on the walls, in small objects and still combine with prints.

Checkered pillows can pair well with a vase next to the sofa in a more vibrant color., for example.

Just unleash your creativity and define what colors from the palette will make up the decoration to ensure a harmonious environment.

Comfort and warmth

Having a comfortable environment is essential in autumn.

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The transition from one season to another requires a quieting of the mind, and space can help in this regard.

More romantic compositions can bring more warmth to cold days and also a feeling of welcome, hug.

For this, classic and rustic elements, such as wooden and floral decorations, work well.

The lighting is also great and transforms spaces in a practical way..

First, Changing white light to yellow brings a greater feeling of temperature and calm.

Just like the days, the environment becomes less bright and more inviting to rest and rest.

Investing in lamps and lampshades is a great option, because they can have the colors of the season and be paired with other items, like baskets or blankets.

Candelabras and candles also contribute to heat and lower lighting..

At dinner tables, candles can be spaced or centered.

Matching with placemats or colorful napkins, They transform a simple dinner into a cozy and sophisticated meal.

The richer in detail, in the transition from heat to cold, people spend more time at home.

Therefore, there are others core items to ensure extra comfort.

A electric air purifier ensures that the environment is more pleasant, which is great, since autumn is a dry season.

Incense and aromatizers provide relaxation.

In addition, the variety of fragrances can renew the mood.

Woody and not-so-citrusy floral scents are perfect for fall, because they have the smells of nature at this time of year.

The main thing is to feel good and welcomed and have a cozy environment that helps prepare for the arrival of winter..

The more details make the space pleasant, the easier it will be to stay at home during cold days.

In addition, creativity allows simple compositions make the decoration adaptable, what brings about changes, personality and sophistication.

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