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5 tips to innovate with handcrafted decoration in your home

Meet amazing ideas to make your decor with sustainable items and beautiful

The process of decorating a home is truly exciting, but also comes with a fair share of challenges for those who are looking for options properties in Pinhais other cities in the metropolitan region of Curitiba.

So, if you are thinking of making a move towards a recycling interior, or plan to move soon and decorate your home, surely your main goal will be to show a stylish design and is also warm, Is not it?!

For this, It is not surprising that some very common dilemmas may prevent you from fully decorate your home: a good alternative is the use of a handmade decoration, made by yourself or purchased at local craft stores - whether in your city, whether in travel or even virtual stores professionals who produce decorative objects such as vases, various ceramics, baskets, mantas, tablecloths, pillows, frames, among other.

Why choose handmade products

Many people prefer to buy handicrafts to not have to get their houses industrialized objects in scale, either for ideological reasons, either for aesthetic priority. For some people, an acquired object directly to a craftsman end up having much more value than something purchased in conventional stores, since it will have a story behind, besides often be unique!

Decorating with crafts

Know that the time to seek homes for rent in Pinhais and decorate with craft, regardless of the type of space you are decorating, there is nothing more important to pay attention to detail – and express their creativity and good taste!

Dedicating the time to understand the basics of decoration, from choosing the right furniture to find the perfect color palette to complete all putting a vase of flowers to give that finishing touch dreamed, you will always be closer to create the home you've always dreamed!

Therefore, Here we share some decorating tips to put your imagination to full speed in time to take a neat in your home, both on special occasions, as birthday parties, Natal, New Year, but also for day to day! Follow!

Tip 1 - Carpets handmade

A decoration is never complete without the use of a handmade rug. This may be the real basis of a beautiful carpet. Buy a carpet according to the room size that will be inserted. It can be used in your living room or even in your room. To purchase a handmade rug, you can visit a carpet shop if you want to feel it and touch the fibers in the carpet to see its softness. Otherwise, you can also buy online! Remember that, in small environments, have a multicolored and vibrant carpet can reduce local, especially a room or a small room; for these environments prefer a light-colored handmade rug, like ivory, white, grey, etc.

Tip 2 - handmade curtains

Fine craftsmanship is one that brings softness and value to your home. So, such avoid using other conventional models, often made of synthetic material, preferring craft curtains? For sure, with proper use of colors and prints, they can completely change the environments in which they are inserted. as tip, recomentamos use macrame, bamboo, transparent accounts, patchwork (colorful patchwork), crochet, income or even gossip. For a children's birthday party at home, you can paste the curtains characters of pictures or even make a unique curtain for the feast day. This hour unleash the creativity!

Tip 3 - handmade lamps

You can also use handmade lamps made with various types of materials. With a touch of adequate lighting, they can render beautiful effects, and you only need to buy a spot to insert the desired lamp! Check out the possibilities: use jute yarn, use tissue paper held by kite rods, use tapes or fabrics coating enabling light passing his preference, use colored strings… For Christmas, you can decorate your lamp in garland format, in green and red colors, which gives a touch of exclusivity and air Christmas to your home!!!

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Tip 4 - Use frame and copyright photos!

Vale to frame and also for paintings or some kind of work of art you get on a journey or a painter, photographer or street artist. You can produce a frame with wires, ice cream sticks, straws or even trees with branches dried. At this time worth enough to use creativity, in order to compose an ideal frame to insert family photos, of travel, of loved ones and diverse landscapes. If you think it does not take much to like this, Do not worry! Many craft stores have special models of frames, tables ready and also frame so that you can use in your home, worth coming to a searched for options that might best suit your decorating style! invest it, especially if you want a table especially in your living room, desktop or fourth, such as a tourist spot or feature of the region where you live, addition is expensive, several possibilities of abstract art.

Tip 5 - Decorative objects and ornaments

Time to decorate with craft items, what can not miss are the ornaments and other decorative objects - used to beautify the environment. Around the world and in Brazil, You can find several places with local craft sale, each of which will have a quirk and story to tell. For this, worth making frame with travel images, of the family, pets, as well as to perfect in ornaments and various objects that will make your interior design. If you do not have idea of ​​how to do this, frequent craft fairs in your city, support small artisans and leave your home even more stylish and beautiful.

Written by Ana Beatriz Dias.

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