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“ABCASAFair 2018” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

this week (19/02 to 23/02) rolled the first edition of 2018 the ABCASAFair. The show is like a big market where you can find items for home decorating – The target audience of ABCASAFair is composed of industry professionals as shopkeepers, decorators and architects who want to know the trends, launches and also make great business.

In this edition participated as an exhibitor with the architectural firm Studio and interior Cris Paola. Sensory created in space a path full of playful experiences of how to improve a store, but also took the opportunity to know the trends and new products.

In this article I will share what most caught my attention (not necessarily trends). Thus, feel free to decide whether the objects and concepts consistent with their styles and tastes, and then think of a creative way to apply them in your decor.

1 – Objetos em cobre. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

2 – Objetos em Rosa Gold. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

3 – Louças temáticas. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

4 – Pratos decorativos divertidos e espelhos redondos. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

4 A – Pratos decorativos divertidos e espelhos redondos. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

5 – Estofado Rosa. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

6 – Móveis em vime ou rattan. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

7 – Objetos em palha. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.

8 – Luminária feita de filtro de café. Foto: Jessica Theodoro.


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