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"Believe me, a spirit Down on me!"at the Teatro Bibi Ferreira

“Acredite, um Espírito Baixou em Mim!” no Teatro Bibi Ferreira. Divulgação.

"Believe me, a spirit Down on me!"at the Teatro Bibi Ferreira. Disclosure.

The play tells the story of a homosexual, not satisfied with his own death, that run of heaven to live new experiences and ends up creating a big mess after incorporate in a sexist radical.

The comedy has led more than 3 millions of people to the theater, and is completing 19 years in poster.

Awards won: Best show of 1998 -Sesc Award/Sated. Best Actor (Ilvio Amaral) -Sesc Award/Sated. Best Actor-Comedian (Ilvio Amaral) -Sesc Award/Sated. Largest crowd of the year 98 -Amparc Award/Bonsucesso and outstanding play award-JK Trophy for culture and development of Minas Gerais- 2016.

Realization: Cangaral Productions.

Text: Ronaldo Ciambroni.

Direction: Sandra Pêra.

List: Ilvio Amaral, Mauritius Canguçu, Adriana Ferrari, Bruno Albertini and Marino Canguçu.

Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00 pm and Sundays at 8:00 pm, playing until the day 10 December.

Rating: 12 years.

Duration: 1h and 20 min.

Bibi Ferreira Theater
Av. For 2 Person, 931 - Center
(11) 3105-3129 / Whatsapp (11) 9 6802-5249
Values: One piece: Friday and Sunday source: | Saturdays $80.00
Half: Friday and Sunday R$35 | Saturdays $40.00

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