Curitiba Festival brings it to the South of Brazil for the first time, Capricious and Guaranteed, the Amazon ox duel

PARINTINE WOOD. Photo: Disclosure / Government of Amazonas.

One of Brazil's greatest cultural heritages opens the program for the 32nd edition of the Curitiba Festival, bringing the challenge of toadas from the bumbás of Parintins, in Amazonas One of the largest and most important performing arts festivals in Brazil, the Curitiba Festival announced its official program for the 32nd edition, that occurs from … Read more

Spectacle “Kimberly's Talent Show” debuts in October in São Paulo

Show "The Kimberly Talent Show", Flyer. Disclosure.

Show “The Kimberly Talent Show” Kimberly is a typewriter who only seeks approval for her noble scenic talents. Without noticing, she falls into an irreversible process of transforming herself into a human being. “Kimberly's Talent Show” presents a theory on the definition of Humanity and the factors that trigger the … Read more

ANGELS IN AMERICA premieres at the PRUDENTIAL Theater

ANGELS IN AMERICA. Photo: © João Gabriel Monteiro.

Armazém Companhia de Teatro presents ANGELS IN AMERICA Paulo de Moraes' scenic version of Tony Kushner's masterpiece returns to Rio de Janeiro, not Prudential Theater, from 28 April to 8 de Mayo. Considered by many scholars as the most important theatrical text of recent 50 years, ANGELS IN AMERICA is a diptych … Read more

CCBB Rio PREMIERE “Cal de Pá (Ray-lux)”, by Jô Bilac and Paulo Verlings

Show "Pá de Cal (Ray-lux)” at CCBB Rio - Rubim Productions. Photo: Antonio Fernandes.

Presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Banco do Brasil, “Pá de Cal (Ray-lux)”, play by Jo Bilac, directed by Paulo Verlings, premiere day 20 November, at CCBB Rio de Janeiro. The show discusses how much we currently outsource our personal relationships. The Theater II of CCBB Rio de Janeiro, receive from 20 November to 19 of december, with representations … Read more

CCBB São Paulo receives a show by the award-winning Yara de Novaes

Espetáculo "Neblina" de Yara de Novaes. Photo: Lia Soares.

Presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Banco do Brasil, "Fog" is a demonstration of strength by human beings who do not give up. Directed by Yara de Novaes, the show opens on the night of 12 November, the CCBB São Paulo. The show Neblina had national premiere in January 2020, at CCBB Belo Horizonte. After a break from 17 months, on account of closing … Read more

ARES Group presents Resilience – Bruta Flower

Grupo ARES premieres show Resilience - gross flower. Photo: Anna Kumamoto.

The national premiere takes place on the day 11 November on the Group's Youtube and Facebook. Four other performances from the group's repertoire will also be made available in an On Demand Repertoire Show. From 11 to 14 November, Grupo ARES will make available on its Youtube and Facebook channels the national premiere of the Resilience project … Read more

Black theatrical play, Yes!’ debut days 25 and 26/09

Silvia Maciell, in the center, directs a piece that seeks to awaken a new awareness. Photo: Luis Ferreirah.

Aimed at children and young people, the show is a journey of understanding, reflection and appreciation of Afro-Brazilian culture The theater show “Negra, Yes!”, that first day 25 and 26 of next september, at the Black Six of May Social Club, in Gravataí, Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, intends to provide the public with a journey of reflection and … Read more

Documentary on social inclusion of people with disabilities receives support from Panvel

Julio Mottin Neto and Victor Freiberg. Photo: Disclosure.

The theater play Todo Mundo tem um Sonho reverberated in the gaucho scene by addressing the inclusion of people with physical disabilities, sensory and intellectual in society. Created by Cultural Belonging, the work was awarded in 2019 with the Panvel On Stage Featured Award, during the cultural program of the Porto Alegre On Stage International Festival. … Read more

No X Art Fact (24/08), regional music, popular and sertaneja to celebrate bank employees' day

Valeria Fajardo. Photo: Personal File.

Fortnightly program for the appreciation of banking and banking artists reaches its 10th edition Arte Fato A cultural series, carried out by the Brasilia Bank Workers Union promotes the exchange between strands of the arts produced by people from our city Alleviating emotional stress and stimulating critical thinking are among the proposals of the Union of … Read more