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Environmentalist debuts documentary about garbage on Everest and warns about the future of the Planet

(Documentary teaser “Everest Sustainable”).

Amid the pandemic, documentary that warns about the importance of environmental awareness is released on Canal Off / Globosat; the premiere takes place on World Environment Day and the documentary “Everest Sustentável” brings a reflection on the consequences of the human being's actions on the Planet

São Paulo, June 2020 – The documentary “Everest Sustainable”, an ecological expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp will be premiered on World Environment Day, 05 of June, at 8:0 pm, on Globosat's Off Channel and also on Globo's social networks. The video reveals the environmental problems that are happening in the region and, for being launched in a pandemic season, it also provides a reflection for a series of consequences on Planet Earth caused by the neglect of the environment. To get an idea, with social isolation in several cities and tourist spots in the world it is already possible to notice the lowest pollution rates – which demonstrates in practice the impact of the population's actions.

According to Caio Queiroz, environmentalist who participated in the expedition and founding partner of Sustainable media, the documentary brings never-shown images of the waste left on the trail, in addition to interviews with those responsible for garbage collection on the mountain and people who make a difference in this region. “When we started recording there was still no pandemic, but it was already possible to notice several consequences caused by problems related to garbage, overpopulation, exploration, industrialization, between several factors and consequences of the actions performed by the human being. Therefore, bring up this topic at a time when everyone is more sensitive, provides the opportunity to reflect on the future of our planet. In addition, “Everest Sustentável” sums up well the objective of our work: a society with more sustainable relationships ”, adds Queiroz.

Still according to him, the documentary content consists of images of neglect of the planet, and reflects on how much it is necessary to preserve the environment, to avoid environmental crises, like the one we're going through. “The more we are concerned with more sustainable relationships and attitudes, future crises will be milder, easier to control or can even be avoided. We need to think about interdependent relationships – a person's attitudes, company or country reflect and reverberate to the world, creating ever greater imbalances. We have to be aware of environmental imbalances to prevent their spread ”, warns the environmentalist.

Understand what's behind the documentary

The documentary features a team of four participants: Caio Queiroz, the businesswoman Mariana Britto, Carlos Santalena – mountaineer who has reached the summit of Mount Everest three times – and cameraman Gabriel Tarso, in addition to other participants. They got a total of 21 days, entre Kathmandu, capital, and Lukla 2800m altitude – entrance of the Sagarmatha National Park – where trekking begins to Everest Base Camp. “It was six days to go and three days back, along: Lukla – Ghat – Namche Bazaar – Phortse – Siangboche – Lobuche – Gorakshap – Base Camp 5400m above sea level. We made two ridges – Monte Nagarjune 5050m de altitude / Kalaphatar 5600 m with a minimum temperature of – 15°C”, narrates or environmentalist ”, compelmenta.

Site-exclusive interviews are shown, in addition to all the challenges and exciting scenes that take place along the way. The team also decided to break the record for the number of bags with recyclables brought along the way to attract the attention of tourists and natives in the region., besides encouraging more people to take this attitude. They also generated minimal packaging waste ("trash") possible and showed how this is possible.

According to Caio, they collected the water from the sink and treated it with products to make it drinkable and to avoid using plastic bottles as much as possible. “Stuffed my camel back, water reservoir that was in the backpack, and only drank this water during meals and hiking, avoiding buying glass bottles, plastic and soda cans. We also took an ecobag to collect waste on the trails, to help zero out the impacts left by other tourists and natives ”, account.

Alert to the need for environmental management and marketing innovation

Knowing the importance of making companies, population and the most sustainable relationships, the environmentalist created a project that promotes a series of measures within companies to avoid risks and raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and interdependence relationships. According to him, these solutions become even more necessary, before the scenario that we are living.

“I developed a new project, called Aguama, which aims to bring together knowledge of the oldest and most efficient technology on the planet – knowledge of the environment itself – with experience in the socio-environmental market, to collaborate in transforming people, companies, parks and municipalities, through products and services aimed at environmental education and management, new technologies, communication and marketing tool. Therefore, we chose that name for the company, that has reference to Bromeliads, which is a mini sustainable ecosystem ”, account Queiroz.

From now on, the importance of becoming a company or professional that adopts more sustainable relationships and attitudes will become even more evident.. “Everyone has to collaborate with a healthier world, so as not to run the risk of being held responsible for crises like these. Our aim is to unite our intelligence, experience, products and services in order to develop efficient solutions to transform responsible and concerned about sustainability individuals, thea environmental problems, global, conservation, preservation of resources natural, addressing its economic aspects, social, politicians, ecological and ethical ”, ends or environmentalist.

About Caio Queiroz

Caio Pereira de Queiroz has been operating for more than 20 years in the environmental market. A pioneer in the field of selective collection, It specializes in implementation of Waste Management Systems, and development of Environmental Marketing Programs. It has expertise in corporate and municipal waste programs, advertising and marketing. It is also a partner at Sustainable media, company that builds and manages sustainability platforms that combine environmental management, environmental marketing and OOH media, that are effective for the brand and environmentally friendly, leaving a positive legacy for society.

About Mariana Britto

Mariana Britto found in sports and adventure a way of living and working, thereby achieving, know more than 41 countries throughout the career. Graduated in Social Communication in Radio and Television by the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), He started his professional career next to the famous family of sailors, a Família Schurmann! Worked 10 years as the executive responsible for the care of the Corporate Schurmann, company Schurmann Group. also contributed in event production, developing training programs for companies in Brazil and abroad. Then, She was invited to "board" with the Schurmann family in society Ecco Talent, making the executive agency responsible for the great personalities of the world of adventure in business talks and specialized projects. It is currently host of the Rally dos Sertões, trading partner in the Sustainable Media and is dedicated in preparation for adventure expeditions.

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