Contemporary Sculpture: Limits and Expectations in Art

Contemporary Sculpture: Challenging Limits and Expectations in Art. The Alexander Calder sculpture L'Homme French for Man. Photo:

Contemporary sculpture, as a form of artistic expression in constant metamorphosis, emerges as a mirror of modern society, reflecting its complexities and concerns. Shaped by a variety of cultural influences, political and technological, contemporary sculpture transcends the traditional boundaries of art, challenging expectations and redefining the limits of the possible. In this effervescent scenario, artists … Read more

Family Photo Shoot: An Intimate Look at Bonds and Memories

Family Photo Shoot: An Intimate Look at Bonds and Memories. Photo:

Capturing the Family Essence Through the Lens Family is the foundation of society, a fundamental link that shapes our identity and profoundly influences who we are. The Gothic style, the family photo shoot emerges as a powerful tool for freezing ephemeral moments, celebrate emotional bonds and preserve memories that, otherwise, could escape us … Read more

Exploring the Limits of the Cosmos: The Fascinating Journey of Telescopes

Exploring the Limits of the Cosmos: The Fascinating Journey of Telescopes. Wirestock image on Freepik.

Since the beginnings of civilization, Humans have looked up to the night sky with wonder and curiosity. So that now, foi apenas com a invenção do telescópio que pudemos dar os primeiros passos em direção à compreensão profunda do universo que nos rodeia. In this article, we will dive into the world of telescopes, exploring your story, funcionamento e impactoRead more

New book by Ingra Danielle Português was launched by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Book “Melina Crível” by Ingra Danielle Português, cover - featured. Disclosure.

The author's second work raises reflections on the importance of preserving the environment After debuting in literature with “A Caverna, the Prince and the Wife”, writer and theologian Ingra Danielle Português draws readers' attention with “Melina Crível”, his second book released in 2020 by Grupo Editorial Coerência. A história é uma fantasia que traz reflexõesRead more

Estácio's live with director André Warwar will address the future of audiovisual creation in an unprecedented experiment

André Warwar, featured. Photo: Rodrigo Xavier.

The year of 2020 it will certainly be marked in the history of mankind as the “pandemic that stopped the planet”. However, artists, communicators and thinkers around the world do not deliver the points and research new and unusual processes of recreation and dissemination of dramaturgical audiovisual content, combining artistic experimentation with digital technology, circumventing the barriers imposed by … Read more


Ahead - Culture in the Future. Disclosure.

Or cultural market, in Brazil and in the world, was one of the sectors most affected in the crisis generated by the spread of the new coronavirus. With the aim of thinking about Culture, looking at the new reality posed to the world and the country's current conditions, the digital magazine Antro Positivo holds the Adiante - Cultura online seminar … Read more

Environmentalist debuts documentary about garbage on Everest and warns about the future of the Planet

Caio Queiroz. Photo: Disclosure.ável.mp4 (Documentary teaser “Everest Sustainable”). Amid the pandemic, documentary that warns about the importance of environmental awareness is released on Canal Off / Globosat; the premiere takes place on World Environment Day and the documentary “Everest Sustentável” brings a reflection on the consequences of the human being's actions on the Planet São Paulo, June … Read more

Casa Europa partner of Flip 2019 brings thinkers from Europe and Brazil to discuss the future of Museums and Memory

A EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, in partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair, realiza a segunda edição da Casa Europa na Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty e promove uma série de debates sobre o futuro dos museus e as políticas de memória. Toda aRead more