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Ana Grebler presents exhibition Mythologies

Ana Grebler presents exhibition Mythologies
Tribute to 150 years of creation of Alice

The Cultural Space CEPERJ presents, starting in 5 August, with a cocktail, to 19 hours, the exhibition of Ana Grebler, "Mythologies", curated by artist Edmilson Nunes and Oscar D ' Ambrosio consulting. In large format, and with materials incorporated into traditional painting, will be displayed 12 fabrics, all exuberantly worked, representing figures of the feminine universe in a way disrespectful, not respectful of styles or aesthetic dogmas, blurring the boundaries between painting precise, drawing and illustration.

At the exhibition, will the paintings that the artist produced in the last year in which, he deepened his aesthetic research, during a three-month trip to Germany, When questioned as to the object and the way their painting. Did the urgent need to produce something that spoke of their personal world and that if getthis instrument tuned with their cultural identity. Since then he has worked tirelessly on these images by means of emotional memories and dreamy, full of his personal mythology, the emotional expanse of his literary and artistic universe.

The part of a figurative artist, the principle, innocent and childlike, populated by fairies, goblins and witches, to surprise viewers with their Lunar climates, kind of frightening, where roam their enigmatic figures, impávidas, sometimes, lyrics, -hopped-up and medúsicas.

Everything is unusual in these works, Since the frames, inseparable of fabrics, idealized and reworked by the artist, until the exuberance of his making, of their materiality, of its composition, of your rhythm, their color tickets, his brush strokes. Laden with jewels and adornments, these screens appear surrounded by flowers, stars, volutes, waves, small animals. Thus was born an original poetic, unusual, When the images come filled with symbolic elements and intriguing plastic solutions that captivate the observer which penetrates in an atmosphere of magic and mystery.

About the Artist

Ana was born in Grebler 1950. Born in Sao Paulo, in 2000 she settled in Rio de Janeiro where he lives and works as an artist. Its formation was made through the various courses he attended at the Guignard school UEMG in Belo Horizonte and at the school of Visual Arts of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro and the frequent visits to the collections of major museums and galleries in Brazil, United States and Europe. Is a postgraduate in art and philosophy at PUC-RJ. Since 2010 total and passionately dedicated to painting.



Mythologies Exhibition
Period 5 to 28 August 2015 -Monday to Friday
Time The 10 to 18 hours
Local CEPERJ Cultural Space, Djanira Room
Av. Carlos Peixoto, 54 Botafogo, in front of the South River – Tel.: (21) 2334-7151
Entrance Free

(21) 9 8225-7568 and (11) 9 4636-3073
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  1. Ana Grebler presents exhibition Mythologies


  2. Ana Grebler presents exhibition Mythologies

    The Cultural Space CEPERJ presents, starting in 5 August, with a… http://t.co/qjPdswZjCv

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