Types of metal sheets and their applications

Types of metal sheets and their applications. Photo: Bepex.

There are several reasons for the famous and growing popularity of metal in the architecture and construction industry.. Since the introduction of the Bessemer process, which allowed the start of its mass production, parts that use metal as raw material received a high cost benefit in the market, being applied in different sectors of activity … Read more

Opening of the EXHIBITION CIRCUIT II at the Art Lab Gallery

Mariella Morrone, Party!, acrylic on linen, 180 x 135 cm, 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

EXHIBITION CIRCUIT II Juliana Mônaco opens the Exhibition Circuit II at her Art Lab Gallery with vernissages of two solo shows and a group show that fill the ground floor and mezzanines of her gallery. “Fragments” by Mariella Morrone and “The Look of the Soul” by Sônia Valério, both individual, and the collection collective … Read more

Susano Correia has a poster exhibition and book production

Exhibition to Melancholy by Susano Correia. Photo: João Melo Corte.

“Psychological struggle against any imaginary barrier”, Susano Correia Visual artist Susano Correia is very active. It has the individual exhibition À Melancholia, em cartaz na galeria Objectos do Olhar no Baixo Augusta e produziu dois livros Diário de Um Pintor e Para Sempre Nunca Mais. In the exhibition À Melancholia are exposed 80 original works, between … Read more

Mario de Andrade Library opens exhibition 3 X HILDA

Hilda Hilst, artwork - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

3 X HILDA “…an exhibition that displays Hilda Hilst with affective contours…”The Mario de Andrade Library - BMA, institution of the Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, opens the exhibition “3 X HILDA”, conceptualized by Jurandy Valença and curated by Maíra Endo. The show consists of 21 works on techniques and supports … Read more

Casa de Cultura do Guará receives exhibition and gains new facade

Caliandras at the Casa de Cultura do Guará. Photo: Gabriela Mutti.

Initiative supported by FAC – Background to the culture of the Federal District, occupies the Casa de Cultura do Guará with the exhibition Caliandras Urbanas Collective exhibition values ​​women's production in the visual arts As a result of artistic workshops held in February, the Caliandras Urbanas project invites the community to honor the … Read more

Pinacoteca de São Paulo exhibits “Ayrson Heraclitus: Yorubaian”

Ayrson Heráclito. Bori series installation (Offering to the Head), 2008-22. Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo. São Paulo, Brasil. Photo: Jaime Acioli.

Great exhibition of the Bahian artist brings together 63 works, with facilities, photographs, videos, performances and records, Addressing the wounds left by colonial history. Free admission from 02April-22Aug2022 The Pinacoteca de São Paulo, museum of the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo opens on the 02 April 2022, Saturday, to 11 hours, … Read more

Colectivo Entreartes honors modernists with “Alma Tarsila”

Pintura de Bia Torres na exposição 'Alma Tarsila' from Entreartes. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition at the Leila Diniz Culture Room brings together six artists in Niterói, in RJ In this women's month, ENTREARTES – Coletivo de Arte prepares an exhibition in honor of the modernist artist Tarsila do Amaral. “Alma Tarsila” will open, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, in downtown Niteroi, on 7 April, to celebrate … Read more

Ana Durães, Monica Barki, Ana Luiza Rego and Nelly Gutmacher at the press conference “The”

Ana Luiza Rego, work "E=mc2", technique: Oil and oil pastel on linen, dimensions: 120 x 180 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

“As – Durães Rego Barki Gutmacher” Artists inaugurate a group show in the new space at Galeria Patricia Costa, curated by Sonia Salcedo del Castillo Ana Durães, Ana Luiza Rego, Monica Barki and Nelly Gutmacher exhibit their works at Galeria Patricia Costa, from day 24 March. The collective “The – Durães Rego Barki Gutmacher” presents … Read more

Exhibition – Francisco Rebolo: live the landscape – Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri

Francisco Rebolo - hills, 1973 - oil on wood - 50 x 70 cm. Photo: Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri.

Marcelo Guarnieri Gallery São Paulo Alameda Lorena, 1835 São Paulo – SP – Brazil info www.galeriamarceloguarnieri.com.br Francisco Rebolo: Living the landscape exposure period 19 March to 30 April 2022 Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri is pleased to present, between 19 March and 30 April 2022, “live the landscape”, … Read more

Accessible content and tactile replicas extend the reach of blind people, low vision, deaf and deaf to the exhibition “Múltiplos Olhares” at the Ingá Museum

Tactile replica to serve blind and low vision people. Photo: Disclosure.

Accessible content is providing, and expanding, the possibilities of communication and interface of blind people, low vision, deaf and deafened in the exhibition “Múltiplos Olhares: women artists in the FUNARJ collections” on display until the day 20/3, at the Museum of the Ingá, in Niterói. These resources use QR Codes associated with Spotify platforms (with audio description) e YouTube … Read more