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studio apartment: learn more about this trend and how to decorate. Photo: Pixabay no Pexels.
studio apartment: learn more about this trend and how to decorate. Photo: Pixabay no Pexels.

studio apartment: learn more about this trend and how to decorate

A studio apartment is a solution that many people have been looking for to get quality housing at a fair price.. Because of that, this kind of model with residential metal roof ends up becoming a very important option in the real estate market.

Both for those looking for adequate housing and for those looking for a good investment in the sector., It is important to pay attention to this model of property, which has gained more and more space.

Urban centers are increasingly crowded, and the opportunity to live in a well-positioned location becomes increasingly difficult, mainly due to the high cost of real estate in the region.

For those who live alone or as a couple, and are prioritizing being close to the workplace and the movement of these urban centers, the studio apartment proves to be an excellent option, reducing prices and optimizing long-term results after a monitoring of works.

A studio is a type of apartment that is usually smaller than other formats, with integrated rooms. Normally, have only one separation from the house to the dormitory, which may or may not have walls.

The main focus of this type of apartment is not the interior, which is often at the base of 30m² to encompass:

  • Kitchen;
  • dormitory;
  • Living;
  • Bathroom.

In some cases, it is possible to count still a service area, which is normally incorporated in the kitchen to gain more space. Therefore, studio apartments offer many outdoor options and other benefits, such as solar energy installation.

The common areas of the building usually have a series of leisure and service benefits, with a complete infrastructure that can be used by any resident, although some items must be pre-booked with the condo.

From movie theaters and music rehearsal studios to swimming pools and playgrounds for kids, the infrastructure of a studio apartment makes its small space worth it. In some cases, you can even count on services such as hairdressing, pet care and other elements.

This is a very popular model for younger people., especially students. Many people leave their homes to go to college in another city., where they have better study conditions and a quality diploma.

These people end up spending most of their day outside., and in this case the studio apartment works perfectly because it is a small place, easy for you to get keep clean and organized, leaving all the bureaucracy to a condominium manager.

In addition, the quality location of this type of property is usually a positive point for this type of public, as these buildings are usually close to the college or offer easy access to public transport.

Some cities even invest in alternative forms of transport, creating cycle paths to facilitate the movement of people and at the same time encourage the practice of physical activities.

Not only young people are looking for this type of property to live in.. Some entrepreneurs opt for the studio apartment as a way to optimize their time. No need to spend hours tidying the house, thus optimizing your day.

These people need to spend a good part of their time resolving situations in the house building, dealing with problems and helping the company to grow and develop. In this case, it is interesting to think of a property that gives as little work as possible.

Some couples without children prefer a studio apartment as they have a very fast pace of life.. These people are constantly traveling, and don't have time to take care of a very large property.

The studio apartment is ideal to align practicality and comfort in a single environment. In addition, with decoration certain, you can get a lot out of this particular property.

Finally, some investors understand that the demand for this property format is increasing, what makes studio apartments great trading tools, with a high potential to sell and a good profitability in the case of rentals.

Why studio apartments are on the rise?

Changes in terms of lifestyle and the type of public that consumes the real estate market are largely responsible for the trend of consumption of studio apartments with electrical installations, especially in big cities.

The demand for smaller apartments has existed before, but with a new generation looking for affordable apartments without the need for several rooms, this type of activity has increased even more..

People are looking for comfort and ease of organization, while the demand for services and facilities both in the building and in the surroundings ends up making this particular model stand out..

To improve the quality of life, many people are looking for properties close to their places of work, where there is no need to spend long hours on public transport. Even the floor plan of this type of property is thought of as an organization.

That's because the studio apartment is designed to get good maintenance without having to worry about large spaces., achieving an adequate structure for the work of carpet cleaning.

Understanding the high demand of professionals on the regime home office, some buildings are even thinking about coworking structures to give residents more freedom during working hours.

Thus, you can work properly without having to stay in the apartment all the time, achieving a space that everyone inside the building can share and that usually increases the value of the property.

Decorating your studio apartment

Now that you know a little more about the studio apartment and the market trend it is creating, it's time to identify how to transform this space into an environment with your style.

It is worth remembering that each person has their own tastes and details that they want to add to the decoration., what makes each model unique. If you live with more people, it is necessary to reach a consensus on the type of decoration that will be applied.

In this way, you can have a unique and elegant environment, with all the elements you and your housemates have chosen, and apply these elements to make better use of the space chosen to live close to your led panel factory.


Partitions are excellent allies for those who live in a studio apartment. This because, because there are no walls highlighting each environment, these pieces become a viable alternative to delimit spaces.

In addition, the dividers can have decorations in the theme you have chosen for the house, integrating the way you designed the apartment, and managing to separate two environments in a much more expressive way.


Due to the more limited space of the studio apartments, the ideal when you are looking for furniture is to find multifunctionality in each of them. In this way, it is possible to use each furniture in several different ways.

Another interesting option is retractable furniture., mainly for tables and for the kitchen as a whole. In this case, you use the mobile only when you need it, leaving it stored and gaining more space to be able to better enjoy the environment.


In a studio apartment, the ideal is to try to gain more space with your structures. Because of that, light colors and neutral tones are ideal for painting the wall. These colors give a greater sense of spaciousness.

Another possible option to gain more space is to use a glossy paint to paint the ceiling.. With this effect, you manage to give the impression that the ceiling is higher, thus gaining a larger space for the property as a whole.


Another trick to enlarge an environment is the placement of mirrors in strategic places in the house.. When you put one of these pieces, manages to give a feeling of space much more suitable for the home.

Mirrors are an elegant way to decorate your home., mostly with classic or modern frames, depending on the style you chose for your design. In addition, these items can help in everyday life.

A good way to use mirrors is to place them in the direction of decorative objects you want to highlight., making it stand out from other decorative items in the house.

Final Considerations

The studio apartment is a very important tool for living today., where more and more people are looking for smaller and more manageable spaces to spend their days.

Because of that, It is important to understand this property model and how you can take advantage of the best it has to offer., both as a property to live in and as an investment., providing a good financial return.

In this way, you get a suitable structure to deal with a studio apartment for your particular needs, taking advantage of all the benefits that this type of property can offer.

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