Organization tips for a more functional and beautiful home

Organization tips for a more functional and beautiful home. Photo by Emre Can Acer.

Working with the organization of a place is essential to guarantee the presence of greater comfort and even space within a place., with that being worth so much for a commercial establishment, as well as for more intimate places, like your room. Although it is easy to recognize this value, não são todos osRead more

How to choose building materials

How to choose building materials. Photo by Jeriden Villegas on Unsplash.

Choosing the right building materials is critical to the success of any renovation project.. It is important to select high-quality materials that can ensure the safety and durability of the construction., as well as offering good performance and aesthetics. When choosing building materials, it is important to consider several factors, how put … Read more

Tips for Reforming and Renovating Environments

Tips for Reforming and Renovating Environments. Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash.

Remodeling and renovating rooms is a great way to update and modernize spaces that no longer meet your needs.. However, many people are intimidated by the idea of ​​doing this kind of work and don't know where to start. Thinking about it, este texto trará algumas dicas úteis para quem estáRead more

Furniture and Decoration for External Areas

Furniture and Decoration for External Areas. Marianne's photo.

To ensure that any space conquers a different life, it is important to bet on the decoration to be adopted there. This is something valid both for the organization of a house and also for a store., with this being achieved through the position of each item. É justamente esse trabalho que faz com que umRead more

Baby room essentials

Baby room essentials. Freepik image.

Whether for those who are in the middle of a pregnancy or who are waiting for the arrival of their child in an adoption process, it is normal that there is a certain apprehension for this dreamed moment, sendo importante garantir que o quarto do bebê esteja pronto. Essa é uma das primeiras responsabilidades a serem vistas por parte deRead more

Tips when choosing a sink for your kitchen

Tips when choosing a sink for your kitchen. Imagem de katemangostar no Freepik.

Know that the kitchen sink goes far beyond aesthetics, after all, this is an item that needs to be functional, since we are talking about an environment that is used for preparing meals, so there's no point in being a beautiful space if it's not practical. Mas isso não quer dizer queRead more

Do you know how to choose the best lighting for your home??

Do you know how to choose the best lighting for your home??. Imagem de jannoon028 no Freepik.

The lighting of a place is something that needs to be seen with great importance., since, depending on the organization of the lights, it is even possible to achieve a better use of this space, with this luminosity highlighting specific points. Even a social concept can be associated with the use of light, com a sociedade definindo suasRead more

8 tips on how to keep your home safe

8 tips on how to keep your home safe. Image from on Freepik.

A safe home is what thousands of Brazilians are looking for, as this is essential to our physical safety, emotional and psychological. Our home is our refuge, because that's where we go after an exhausting day, where we spend good times with the family and it is the place where we have all the comfort we want. … Read more

Learn how to set up a functional gourmet area

Learn how to set up a functional gourmet area. Imagem de vanitjan no Freepik.

Do you want to know how to create a functional gourmet area in your home?? Above all, this is an environment that has a structure similar to a kitchen, but with a different objective and elements. In other words, the gourmet area is basically a corner designed in an external area that accommodates a barbecue and pizza oven, beyond … Read more