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Kids' room. Photo: Evertec Architecture.
Kids' room. Photo: Evertec Architecture.

Architects list the 5 best kids room tips

Functionality, adaptation and safety are the pillars for the design of a children's room; the architects Caroline Monti and Amanda Cristina, of Evertec Architecture, list the main tips for those who want to set up a safe and cozy children's room

São Paulo, June 2022 – It's not easy to find a decor style that everyone likes., even more when we talk about children. For them, it is important to have a style that accompanies your moments of growth and maturation. In addition, some elements that bring out the child's creativity can make the room even more complete. From the colors used on the walls, even furniture and decoration elements must be used correctly and understanding what children want and like to have in their rooms. The bedroom should be a space where the child can have fun., but also feel relaxed and comfortable.

In addition, according to the architects Caroline Monti and Amanda Cristina, founding partners of Evertec Architecture, It is important to understand that there is no specific bedroom style for every age.. “What exists are the decorations that are adapted according to the age. Normally, in baby rooms, we like to bring the coziness with a certain tranquility. From the moment the child begins to have autonomy to play, we like to work with playfulness and things that bring creativity. Up to the first two years of the child, we believe that the main objective of the bedroom is to bring a feeling of comfort, tranquility and a pastel color palette”, Caroline explains.

For children between 2 and 6 years old, It is important that decoration is part of your life, that is, objects need to bring greater creativity. “For that age, we can assemble a blackboard wall and drawing papers. The ideal is that the decoration bring autonomy for the child to pick up their own toys and, including, encourage to keep them. Already the little grown ups, between 6 and 12 years, we tend to look for a more specific style, since at this age children already choose what they like. So, probably, we talk about game characters, a room geared more towards 'teens', also thinking about not having to get rid of it so soon, with study benches and television”, understand Amanda.

Thinking about who is looking for the best way to set up a child's room, the architects listed the main tips. Check:

  1. Autonomy and identification: It is important to always think about the age of the child and how they will use that space. “It is always good to bring autonomy, leaving things easily accessible for the little ones to pick up and use. beyond the children, you also need to understand the style of parents and bring some of that to your children’s decor”, says Caroline.
  1. Think of the best bedroom style: all children are different and seek to find something unique in their rooms. “The style of Montessori rooms is very high, but many people also like the idea of ​​a more modern and playful bedroom, with colors, that bring life and personality, in addition to the application of straighter furniture that can be used for longer. Classic is also very timeless., that works a lot with curves and wooden details bringing warmth”, compliments amanda.
  1. Keep an eye out for age: It's important to know that what children look for in their rooms changes according to their age. “A modern project is something that we can fit into different ages., thinking only about details with wallpapers, decorative shelves and even changing the colors of the walls, without having to change the entire room at every stage of the child”, understands the architect Caroline.
  1. color combination: Colors often have a strong impact on everyday life, in addition to messing with people's emotions a lot. “It's always good to think about the best way to use colors in a project. Sometimes, everything too clear can get tired and leave without personality. We should always think of something the child likes., leaving some spaces with colors that bring more life, but always careful not to put too many colors in the room. When painting a room becomes heavy, we tend to get tired very quickly and it doesn't leave the feeling of comfort and tranquility that we look for in a room”, complete Amanda.
  1. Functional furniture: a great tip is to find furniture that is able to adapt as the child grows.. “Functional furniture is great for transforming the room without having to change everything again. a chest, for example, It's perfect for storing children's toys and not leaving the room cluttered. – already in the future, It can be used to store papers or even clothes. A crib can also turn into a bed after a few years., accompanying the child's growth, concludes Caroline.

About Evertec Architecture

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, the architects Amanda Cristina and Caroline Monti are partners of the Evertec Arquitetura office. Evertec is a renovation company specialized in Architectural and Apartment Renovations., which aims to reassure customers about the physical schedule, finance and skilled labor. The company manages the executive projects, with detailed monitoring and a team of competent Architects and Engineers so that they can minimize material waste and construction time.

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