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Multimedia artist, Bieta launches 'Divina Royalty' this Saturday, day 3 July, on digital platforms

Born in Porto Alegre, the multi-artist who resides, today, in Rio de Janeiro, releases clip inspired by the rich diasporic African heritage

A performer Bieta launches This Saturday, day 03 July, on digital platforms, the video for the single Divine Royalty, a musical work dedicated to and inspired by the rich diasporic African heritage, showing acceptance of the Divine Power that dwells in each of us.

Bieta is born in Porto Alegre from Rio Grande do Sul., but resides in Rio de Janeiro for 20 years. It's DJ, dancer, music producer, multimedia artist and researcher of multiple cultures.

The song is a production performed at the Guettu Music Camp, of the artistic accelerator Duto. It features the participation of Nigerian artist Okwei Odili and arrangement by master Glaucus Linx. The multi-artist's video was produced by hands eager to support independent production, in an intense (Re)Bahia connection- River- São Paulo-RS and Nigeria.

Factsheet – Divine Royalty Music

Guettu Music Camp @Duto
Artist: Bieta
Bieta feat Okwey Odili
blow arrangement
Glaucus Linx
Production @Bieta.Original + Du Brown
Co-prod. Kadu Costa

Technical Data Video Clip

Video – Lorraine mendes | Rafael Pato | Guimarães Sunday
Editing/Assembling – Dudu Ferreira
MakingOff Afrote.Lab
Photography – Gabriela Palha
Aesthetic concept / costumes: Iasmine Carvalho | Vall Neves
Salvador Laroye Communications and Culture Production
Video clip disclosure: vap media and content


YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/bietaoriginal
Instagram ( towards 10K )
: www.instagram.com/bieta.original
Facebook event

Release of the videoclip Divina Realeza
Day 03 th July 2021, Saturday
On major digital platforms
Collaborate with the artists who produced this workPIX :

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