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Artists from Bahia in SP ARTE 2015

Bahia in SP ART 2015

Fair will have the second edition of Solo space and discuss the art as value in the programming of Talks TWO ARTISTS FROM BAHIA FEATURED IN SOLO PROGRAMMING:

Mario Cravo Junior – Paulo Darzé galeria


Almandrade – Roberto Alban galeria

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About Mário Cravo

When it comes to art in Bahia, the name is Mario Cravo soon remembered, a pioneer and a myth of Bahian modern art. It's almost impossible to see the sculptures of the artist without thinking about the cultural circuit Salvador, years of 1940, when the artist began his career, imposing modern gestures in Bahia provincial. A work with many contrasts, marked by willingness to try many paths. Doubt or resistance to accepting a unique alternative to not settle? We do not know. The doubts and uncertainties may belong to the viewer. The Artist, who knows, with generosity and humor that the time granted him, just laughs at our speculations. Art is so.

A route of many fronts, a trend game. Expressionism, a detail Cubist, a fantasia popular, myths and gods of black Africa. There are so many ways, so many influences, many figures, many experiences talking to local tradition. Several cosmetic results. A chaotic world? – A sculpture of master, intuitive, tireless in the use of various materials: mud, wood, stone, year, plastic, resin, etc. With a passion, public space. Without going into the question of sculpture insertion in public space, monuments Stud Jr. are present in the urban landscape of Salvador, circulating in postcards. The light source of the downtown next to the elevator Lacerda is already a city icon.


About Almandrade


I thought of elementarism, bereavement, Geometric abecedarismo but I ended up opting for the abstract idea nudism, to try to characterize the posture and the impostor of Almandrade at his creations and signic creatures who hesitate between the two- and three-dimensionality, two or three color, two or three textures.

The parsimony of these Franciscan blunt objects, designed, unsigned (designed), compounds according to a booklet spelling, but deceptively simplistic and follow-nificada, posto that metaphysics.

Creating significant field that seems to reject instructions extratexto, even when it includes some metaphorical element in memoriam Dada.

Geometric meteorites thought, shorthand need a crystal clear vision whose total is overshadowed, evidence and minimal impression of artistic and mental event; occurred in the ecological landscape of twentieth-century art, like a bird in extinction, order of appearance undeniably metaphysical, essence and divine form (Baudelaire would say) nude bird of poetry and its decomposing loves.

A nude Proun (The Lissitsky) in the tropics, metonymic memories of paradise, graceful uninhabitable buildings-facilities, quasi-duchampescas samples, quasi-vandoesburguesas an artistic former Eden, where the likely built irony is only half-smile.

These beings correct and strictly naked, the eye the harvesting of whole, as appropriate objects in your pocket. And there is music in them, but is not even chamber – ed for it, niche and casket: are microtonal, minideogramas sólidos à Scelsi.

The Almandrade fancies thumbnails of your creatures, whose nakedness implies silence, clear scouring the artistic eye, tired of fantastic art history of this endless century, this infinite millennium.

Décio Pignatari


1973Artist, architect, in urban design master, poet and professor of art theory of art workshops of the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia. He participated in several group exhibitions, among them: XII, XIII and XVI Biennial; “In essence Search” – special show XIX Biennial; IV National Hall; Universe Football (MAM / Rio); National Fair (S.Paulo); II Paulista Hall, First International Exhibition of Ephemeral Sculpture (Fortress); I Salon Baiano; II National Hall; Honorable mention in the Student Hall I 1972. Collective integrated visual poems, multimedia projects and facilities in Brazil and abroad. One of the creators of Bahia Language Study Group who edited the magazine “Semiotics” in 1974. Held about thirty solo exhibitions in Salvador, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo between 1975 and 2005; wrote in several newspapers and specialized magazines about art, architecture and urbanism. Awards in project tenders for fine arts works of the Modern Art Museum of Bahia, 1981/82.


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