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Fernando Maia, Backstage disclosure.

Rio Petrobras tree has free musical program at the weekend

Petrobras Rio tree will have a number of attractions and free activations around the reflecting pool, which promises to make the visit to the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas even more memorable. Located in Cantagalo Park, the Stage TIM will have a cultural and circus programming throughout the week, always from 16h, and bring a sample of the diversity of culture and Brazilian music on weekends. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the program starts at 15h, with recreational activities, followed by two concerts, 17h and 19h, totaling 32 presentations throughout the event. The Stage TIM will give space to artists from different parts of Rio de Janeiro and other cities, strolling through various musical rhythms like rock, MPB, classical music and rhythm of carnival, among others.

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FRIDAY 07/12:

17h – Set do DJ Doni, producer and musical researcher, with a mix of different aspects of Brazilian music

19h – Dance charm of the viaduct of Madureira, which promises to bring the balance of the most famous Viaduct River to Pond

SATURDAY, 08/12:

17h – Show Gabriel Moura, that present a national hits stuffed September highly danceable, of his own and other composers

19h – Show with the singer-songwriter Malia, Artist City of God with strong influence of Brazilian black music, remodeled with contemporary touches

SUNDAY 09/12

17h – Presentation of the Petrobras Symphony Orchestra, in orchestra version chamber, in the series "The Classic is…”, with arrangements for songs of the Titans, Pitty, Paulinho da Viola and other popular artists

19h – Show Carlos Malta, one of the most virtuous country wind musicians, which dominates several instruments

DATE -Of 7 to 9 of december
LOCAL - Cantagalo Park, Av. Pessoa, 2 -Pond

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