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Ava Galleria presents the exhibition “Human being – an encoded text”, by Cesar Coelho

Ava Galleria presents the exhibition “Human being – an encoded text”, by Cesar Coelho, curated by Edson Cardoso, at Centro Cultural Correios RJ


Plastic artist and shoe designer, which has a piece in the collection of the National Historical Museum, translates into his works a new way of seeing the human being.

A Ava Galleria presents the exhibition “Human being – an encoded text”, plastic artist Cesar Coelho, bringing his vast pictorial experience, with paintings and sculptures that translate a new way of seeing the human being, subjective and timeless, giving freedom of interpretation to the observer.


“Cesar presents paintings… Expanded where the assumption of this research is the contemporary issues of today without eagerness to break the paradigm of techniques… Undoubtedly an artist who respects the “time "… his plastic restlessness connects us to today's speed of information.” (Rafael Vicente, 2017, Art Axis)

In addition, the artist developed, for over thirty-five years, shoes and bags for your own brand, always associating art with fashion, bringing an innovative perspective and new collections inspired by Mondrian, Miró and Matisse. Including, one of the pieces developed by the artist is part of the permanent collection of the clothing sector of the National Historical Museum (MHN/RJ). Some pieces are part of the exhibition, which aims to show the diversity of emotions that the artist sees in human individuality.


According to Cesar Coelho, “nothing is as fascinating as the human figure, this repository of passions, fears and enchantments. Each human face shows/hides a mystery, hence his constant presence in my search and in my production. I see the body and face as writing, a text. When I look around, the animals, rocks, Trees, the city… it's with the same attitude. It is a permanent process of construction and deconstruction. What ultimately matters is the inside view and not the objective representation of reality.”

About Cesar Coelho

Initial training in law, Letters and Linguistics. Designer shoes and accessories, having been, for thirty years, Creative Director of the SWAINS brand, in the river. has a purse “Mondrian” in the permanent collection of the Clothing Sector of the National Historical Museum, in Rio de Janeiro. Creative Director of the brand WITTY Cesar Coelho, of shoes and accessories, designing special collections inspired by Mondrian, Miró and Matisse.

Studied drawing and painting at different and sparse times at EAV, no Parque Lage. He had individual exhibitions at the Centro Cultural Paschoal Carlos Magno, Museu do Ingá, La Salle Gallery and Correios Niterói Cultural Space. Participated in group exhibitions in Rio, in some galleries, Museums and Cultural Centers. Participated in group exhibitions abroad, in NY, Lisboa, Milan, Berlin and Helsinki. Exhibited at the AVA Galleria in Helsinki in 2017 and 2018.

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Fashion was not the first passion to appear in Cesar's life.. First, he fell in love with art. While kids your age asked for cars for Christmas, he got paints, canvas and brushes. In the living room of his apartment in Ingá, in Niterói, with huge windows that open onto the Sugar Loaf and the MAC, paintings don't just cover the walls.

There are several screens resting on the floor, others lined up. On the office shelf, clay molded heads. What you see most are faces that express the most varied expressions. In fact, Cesar can be defined as a thrill seeker. He says he is interested in gestures of joy, anger, pain and pride, in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind each expression. Inspiration comes from both anonymous and famous characters.

About Ava Galleria

Founded in 2005, Ava Galleria is one of Helsinki's most renowned contemporary art galleries. Located in the city's cultural corridor, close to Helsinki Art Museum, Taidehalli e Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Organizes local exhibitions and in collaboration with cultural spaces in other cities around the world, like osaka, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Porto and Rio de Janeiro.

Instagram: instagram.com/ava_galleria
Facebook: facebook.com/avagalleria
WebSite: avainternationalgallery.com
E-mail: ava@avainternationalgallery.com


Exhibition: “Human being – an encoded text”
Artists: Cesar Coelho
Opening: 19 January 2023 at 4:00 pm
Visitation: 20 from January to 04 March 2023
Days and times: Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 7:00 pm
Local: Cultural Center Correios RJ – 3º andar
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 – Center – RJ
Tel: (21) 2253-1580

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Curatorship and Cultural Production: Edson Cardoso.
Production: Renata Costa
Press office: Paula Ramagem
Museographic Project: William Bonomo
Marketing Advice: William Souza
Graphic arts: Ailton de Oliveira
Realization: Ava Galleria and Arte Vida Arte
Support: ASK – Institute of European and Latin American Culture / Cultural Center Post / Ministry of Communications

Entrance: free
Rating: free

Target Audience: students, liberal professionals, collectors, donas home, general public

How to get there: subway (get off at Uruguaiana station, Exit towards Rua da Alfândega); bus (jump at points near Rua Primeiro de Março, from Praça XV or Candelária); boats (Terminal Praça XV); VLT (jump on ave. Rio Branco/Uruguaiana or Praça XV); trem (get off at Central station and take the tram to AV. Rio Branco / Uruguaiana).

Information: (21) 2253-1580 / E-mail: centroculturalrj@correios.com.br

The unit has access for people in wheelchairs and limits the number of visitors, aiming not to

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