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Buana Lima – Professional Assistance to Plastic Artists

Tony Franco é Administrador de Empresas.

Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.

World, tell us a little about yourself…

I'm brazilian, I studied journalism, I painted in a self-taught way for many years, but I realized that she was much more of an entrepreneur than a painter. I went to live in Buenos Aires and there was born Universo Art Kids and then Universo de las Artes, today we are the best known and most respected international art group in the field.. In addition to working with emerging artists helping them write their CVs., assessoro visual artists that are already in another stage.

In addition to advising visual artists, you are also an artist?

Yes, autodidact.

When he awakened his desire for plastic arts and realized that it could be useful to plastic artists?

When I saw a painter creating a NAIF landscape on the wall of my house, a man i had hired, I spent the day admiring and then I wanted to paint too. But as I said earlier, my greatest talent is in the approach, no lobby, no marketing, my profile is more in the area of ​​communication.

Buana Lima é Artista Plástica, Escritora e Assessora de Artistas Plásticos.

Buana Lima is a Plastic Artist, Writer and Advisor to Plastic Artists.

Is there a family member or acquaintance who has/had been involved with the arts and served as an inspiration for their journey in the arts?

Yes, everyone in my house has artistic skills. I did theater as a teenager. My mother did theater in adolescence, my father was a craftsman, my sister always found it easy to draw, but no one is a professional in the arts, each went their way, but I decided to work with arts.

What are the skills needed to advise an artist?

Understand that the dreams of others become yours when you commit to a client, predisposition to compromise and give your 200% by that person, creativity, knowledge with people who can really open doors, to ask for them. have vision, and above all, give many hours of work to make things happen.

What are the challenges of art/artists/advisor in the current scenario?

The big challenge is to be able to insert the artist in a market where he can really have real chances of being seen by important people in the art world, where he can take a different path and reach the goals of all of them, which is recognition and sale.

Social networks have helped you in this activity with visual artists?

Social networks have helped a lot and today we have a new work environment and a new panorama.

I believe that it is a thousand times better for an artist to be exposed on social media than inside a gallery in an exhibition than if there is not actually a serious gallery owner in front of this gallery willing to sell, or one art dealer, it's not really worth it. It's full of slot galleries out there. The artist has to have a more enterprising and less romantic mind to start being independent, and start to know how to market your works. Still on social networks, if you don't know how to direct your use on the networks, you won't go beyond being seen by friends of friends.. Everything you do must have a Vision, and Vision is something that few have.

How plastic arts can contribute to education and culture?

Assuming that art gives you autonomy, creation expands the mind, open unlimited paths, the problem is for the artist to know the power he has.

As for contributing to education and culture, the creation process is a vast field of research and infinite knowledge., and one thing leads to another, research leads you to knowledge, that lead you to glimpse things, that open your eyes, bring you self-esteem, balance, concentration and the message that each one wants to convey with their art forms opinions, mark times, immortalize periods, all this is culture.

Talk about your current projects.

Our projects for dissemination and curriculum training for emerging artists, I'm a member of the international arts group together with Marcos Ozán, as some already know., Director of Universo de las Artes in Argentina. With the pandemic, we started to make virtual catalogs with the participation of artists from several countries around the world, our last catalog had the participation in 18 countries. The last show I did for only virtual transmission had the participation of 140 artists from various countries.

We are innovative, always with new proposals. For those who don't know the FASHION of exhibiting works in graphic prints so that everyone from any country could participate, it was an idea and launch of Universo Art Kids, and then we took this same idea to Universo de las Artes, it soon became a fever all over the world. We are currently calling for the third Virtual catalog.

What is your advice for those who are starting now and feel the desire to create art and/or advise plastic artists?

As for advice, it is not easy, you have to have a lot of commitment as I mentioned above., if there is, you can take a risk, and that's why I only know I do this work as I do and the way I do it today, at least in Brazil. I am workaholic, and my customers know what I'm talking about, if you don't give your 200% better not wanting to be an artist advisor. Already to start expose your first works, it's already easier, there are many art managers today who make a living from it., to organize shows they charge and any new artist can participate and start collecting their certificates. But if you want advice: Pay attention to where you put your money. Universo de las Artes puts on exhibitions that consecrate any novice artist, we take them to the cultural centers of Embassies and from that level up. if you will pay, pay to have a strong curriculum.

Could you comment on some artistic curiosity.

curiosity no, but I would like to say that above all, artists must have humility, because today with so many managers doing exhibitions and international exhibitions, there are artists who think this is enough to get them where they want, but it's not, the path is long in this journey and if the person does not have humility and if he finds himself a Picasso, why did he have an international curriculum, it's doomed to decay.

As mentioned above, Universo de las Artes makes every novice artist have a wonderful curriculum. I've already come across some artists who told me: I don't pay to exhibit because I've exhibited in Europe, etc... you should work for free for me. And it really closes all doors for these people. Nobody works for free and there's no reason to work for free, contact and disclosure has a price and my time is worth gold.

How would you define your advice on a line?

My advice takes artists in a professional way to be seen by really important people in the art world.

There is a big difference in doing shows, participate in exhibitions for dissemination and hire personalized assistance. The advice is for artists who got tired of paying to participate in collective shows, who already have a curriculum and want to tread a truly professional path. The results obviously depend on the empathy people will have with the works of this artist, but maybe this will be the only opportunity he will have to reach these people in several countries around the world.. I have my database, of friends in the end, I have my contacts. I maintain good relationships with people from all over the world as I maintain with you from Obras de Arte.

My contacts:

E-mail: universodasartess@gmail.com

Facebook: Buana Lima

Whatsapp: +55 21 97616-3304



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