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Paranaense Capital is host to literary gathering

Paranaense Capital is host to literary gathering
National Book Week promises to bring more literature to Curitiba

Curitiba receives between days 25 to 27 July week the National Book. The event will be attended by various authors Paraná, plus samples of literary works and chat with authors and, poets and cultural activists.

Initiated and carried out in partnership with independent authors Curitiba, the event has also partnered with other cities of Brazil. Junior Franco, one responsible for the event commented that the purpose of the event is to encourage the habit of reading and to introduce readers of local writers.

The event is open to all ages and takes place in Creativity Center in Curitiba, Saint Lawrence Park, located at Rua Mateus Leme, 4700.

Check out the full schedule:


25 July (Friday)

18h - Opening Ceremony - Authors present - Stage.
20h - Closing Day (Cocktail).


26 July (Saturday)

09h - Coffee with the authors - Recital Escritibas.
10h - Chat with girls who write in Curitiba.
Theme: "Literature Curitibanos female atual".
11h - Chat with book publisher Amado Marcelo.
Theme: “What a novice author should not do”.
14h - Presentation "How to plan a continuation".
Author: Tâni Falabello.
15h - Presentation “After all, that is fantastic?”.
Author: Paula Vendramini.
16h - Lecture by Sue Brandão - Room Block 03.
Theme: Act funding through tax incentives.
16h - Launching of the book "The Adventures of Andromeda Nebula" - Stage.
Author: Camila Borges.
17h - Launch of the book "Felix in search of the Human Being".
Author: Carlos Vargas.
18pm - Closing.


27 July (Sunday)

09h - Abertura.
09h10min - Chats with author Yrlei Thiago de Oliveira.
10h - Launch of "Letters to You".
Author: Maria Eduarda Razzera - Stage.
10h – Francine Cruz – Books in other media (Áudios e-book e-books) + minioficina - room Block 03.
11h - Marilza Conception - storytelling.
14h - Presentation on Amazon and the platform - Room Block.
Name: Natália Montuori.
14h - Disclosure of "Sonnet Adipose".
Editor - Thiago Dominoni.
15h - The girl and the Mutt.
Author: Luiz Francisco.
15h30min - declamations, Epic.
Author: Gilmar Chiapetti.
16h - Roundtable Tammy com e Luciano Silva Mylle - Stage.
Mediator: Jefferson Todor.
17h Show "with Luciana's suddenly Rocio Mallon.
17h30min – Show musical.
17h50min - Final Thoughts - Closure.

Text: Camila Borges


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