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Casa da Cultura Paraty inaugurates photo exhibition "dish of the day" in 9 de Mayo

Soon the House of culture of Paraty
Casa da Cultura Paraty inaugurates photo exhibition "dish of the day" in 9 de Mayo

Exhibition, based on the book the society of the spectacle, proposes a reflection on the ' merchandise ' generation

Expo special

Based on the book "the society of the spectacle", by Guy Debord, the new exhibition of the Casa da Cultura Paraty, "Dish of the day", seeks to promote reflection on the "generation merchandise", concept that makes the counterpoint of "consumer generation". The show inaugurates the day 9 de Mayo, Saturday, and brings black and white photographs of the artist of Paraty people Breeze de Souza, I've exhibited at Casa da Cultura Chico Science, in São Paulo.

From the idea that, today, relations are permeated by ideas of product, market and consumption, Breeze proposes that the man himself turned into merchandise. To represent this concept, the show brings photographic images of people exposed as dishes in a restaurant, offering her figure for a specious and unfair market – working, aesthetic or social – and showing off the trial and referred to the public. The signs that accompany the characters, with the description of the ' menu ', were drawn up by his own voluntary models.

To 2015, the Casa da Cultura Paraty programmed about 30 long and short-term exhibitions. "The House of culture seeks to democratize the Brazilian artist access to a dynamic and living space of the cultural life of Paraty. We seek to offer the of Paraty people, in particular, and the general public that visits us, an updated production of Brazilian contemporary art in all its forms ", emphasizes Gabriela Gibrail, Superintendent of Casa da Cultura Paraty.

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Space of artistic and cultural activities, the Casa da Cultura Paraty was thought to become a meeting point and conviviality, with strong references to the residents – a place of exchange of experiences and ideas, discussion and production of art and culture to the community, teachers, students, artists and craftsmen and also for visitors. With a fixed weekly schedule of artistic presentations, musical and audiovisual, the space also houses exhibitions of great, medium and small businesses.

The Casa da Cultura Paraty has the waters of Brazil as Patron, the Globe Group as sponsor and has the support of Fundação Roberto Marinho, Paraty City Hall and the Federal law of incentive to culture.

Exhibition special
From 9 May the 21 of June

Space: Samuel Costa Room
Free entrance

Casa da Cultura de Paraty
Rua Dona Geralda, 177 / Historical center

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 22 hours
(24) 3371 2325

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Approach Comunicação Integrada

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