Brushstrokes of Day-to-Day by Jacques Henri

Jacques Henri is an artist.
Jacques Henri is an artist.

Brushstrokes of Day-to-Day by Jacques Henri

Hello ! I'm Jacques Henri, Artist living in Florianópolis-SC.

One day working in my atelier, Enter a Lady of some 50 years and stand in front of a picture of the Florianópolis bridge that had just turned, I got close to her when suddenly she began to cry… but I haven't cried slowly, cried in tears… I didn't know what to do… I didn't know why ???

I tried to ask if you had a problem, and she kept crying…

Well ! After a certain time, she calmed down, offered water…

Then she told me that she remembered the view of the bridge when he first arrived in Florianopolis, a morning of fog as it was within the framework…

Now my biggest amazement is that she didn't buy the frame !!! can ???


ArtWork “Florianopolis bridge”:

Florianopolis bridge of Jacques Henri

Obs.: The work of Florianópolis Bridge was only that photo above, because I sold the next week along with another work of the Cathedral of Florianópolis, and in General is not really my style, because use pretty colors.


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