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Hoffmann House. Photo: Disclosure.
Hoffmann House. Photo: Disclosure.

Casa Hoffmann launches free distance learning courses and promotes virtual meetings

Weekly activity program starts next Tuesday and continues until July

Two free dance courses will be offered virtually, from next tuesday (19/5), by the Cultural Foundation (FCC) and the Curitiba Institute of Art and Culture (ICAC). Those interested should access the Casa Hoffmann website – the platform created to unify the actions of the new project @studiovirtualCasaHoffmann and which will be available to the public from this Friday (15/5).

The initiative also includes virtual meetings with representatives of the segment and is another action of the FCC Digital program, launched during the pandemic period to maintain the coordination of the seven artistic and cultural heritage languages ​​connected with its audiences. Distance courses at Gibiteca, Xadrez On-line, MusicaR (singing and children's music classes in Regionals), virtual readings and classes on playing musical instruments on the internet are some examples of the action.

Distance Learning and Virtual Meetings

The dance courses are designed for beginners and people with an intermediate level of knowledge. The first will have street dance classes on Tuesdays, from 19/5, with Raphael Alpha. The others will perform contemporary dance on Thursdays, from 21/5, with Airton Rodrigues.

There will be six weekly classes of 30 minutes each, always published at 12 noon on the day of each class. After this date, it will be possible to access the classes on Youtube. To participate, just have a small space, a bench or a chair and focus to take advantage of this new form of distance learning.

In addition, every Saturday, from 16h, there will be a virtual meeting lasting up to 1h15. The platform is open to 250 views. The guest for the first of the ten scheduled activities is Eva Schul, creator of the dance group Ânima, on 23/5. Italian dancer and choreographer based in Brazil, his work has a strong presence in the south of the country. Each meeting should last up to 1h15. The last, ending the first stage of @studiovirtualCasaHoffmann, takes place 25/7.

Mirror box

With 17 years of career as a dancer and teacher of dancers and actors, Airton Rodrigues is looking forward. “Until then, I worked with subjectivity. He talked a lot with the students and looked in their eyes for the learning needs of each one. Now I record classes where I need to be concise and assertive – the best I can to teach an audience that I won't be able to see in real time. It is very different and challenging ”, says professor, who was a student of Eva Schul.

To open your participation in @studiovirtualCasaHoffmann, Airton prepared the Mirror Box course – experience around domestic isolation to which part of the population has undergone to help contain the new coronavirus pandemic and which he defines as “sophisticated but accessible”.

According to the teacher, the course proposal is a reflection on the limits of the strict space now occupied by people and the surprises it reveals. “Everything is a stimulus and can be transformed into movement, like the piece of sky that I see through my window or the objects that I have inside the house but that I didn't pay much attention to ”, explains.

To get an idea of ​​the result, Airton's expectation is that students film the execution of the movements and send it to @studiovirtualCasaHoffmann. The idea is to gather this material in a video with the participation of all.


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