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Eva Klabin House Museum, vacations schedule. Photo: Disclosure.
Eva Klabin House Museum, vacations schedule. Photo: Disclosure.

Eva Klabin House Museum offers Vacation Program

Museum in Lagoa will promote artistic workshops throughout the month of January

The Eva Klabin House Museum offers, during the month of january, your already traditional holiday schedule, with the completion of workshops for children and young people and their families.

The proposal is for participants to experience artistic making in a playful way, in various activities that involve techniques related to visual arts and audiovisual, like the comic book workshops, of string, of masks, of self-portraits, the Stop Motion, the travelers game, among many others. The complete schedule and details of each activity can be found on the Eva Klabin House Museum website.

As offices, which take place from Wednesday to Sunday, subject to a maximum capacity of 12 members per session, including children and adults (the presence of a responsible adult is mandatory). To participate, just book in advance on the institution's website and guarantee admission.

The activities will be conducted by the team of educators from the Casa Museu. The Museum's Education Program, created in 2004, aims to promote research meetings and practices, creation and production of critical and poetic thinking about culture, art, education, society etc., fostering dialogue between different audiences and territories in the city and in other locations.

Vacation Schedule – Eva Klabin House Museum
From Wednesday to Friday at 11 am and 3 pm

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 3pm.
Event requiring prior appointment.

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