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Eva Klabin House Museum remembers the Modern Art Week of 1922 at a festival with songs of the time

In the days 14, 15 and 21 de Mayo, at 7:00 pm, the cultural space will present the “Festival Vinte22”, with musical programming focused on the repertoire of Villa-Lobos

Format that is successful among the public that frequents the Eva Klabin House Museum, to Lagoa, south zone of carioca, the concertos face-to-face meetings will take place on three dates in May: 14, 15 and 21 de Mayo, at 7:00 pm. They will be part of the “Festival Vinte22”, which aims to recall the 100 years of the Modern Art Week of 1922.

The idea of ​​“Festival Vinte22” is to re-present pieces that were played on the three days of the Week of 22 at the Municipal Theater of São Paulo. The recitals marked Brazilian culture and reaffirmed the modernist ideals.

At the time, the Municipal Theater received a large and polarized audience and the continuation of this story can be appreciated in the program with the repertoire that was presented on the occasion and which contributed to consecrate Villa-Lobos. He was the only musical representative to attend the Week of 22 and have his works played in three recitals. In a letter to his friend Arthur Iberê Lemos, Villa-Lobos wrote: “…as you can imagine, the audience stood up indignantly. (…) When it's time for the music, the jokes in the galleries were so interesting that I was almost certain that my work would reach an ideal, such were the boos that covered me with laurels”.

Villa-Lobos' trip to São Paulo to participate in the Modern Art Week helped solidify his career. During the presentations of the 22, his works were played by the pianist Guiomar Novaes, Lucília Guimarães – his first wife and great supporter of his career –, to violinist Paulina D'Ambrosio, cellist Alfredo Gomes and pianists and composers Ernani Braga and Fructuoso Viana.

On Saturday, 14 de Mayo, at 19h, the duo formed by Lucia Barrenechea, piano, and Hugo Pilger, cello – who has already recorded Villa-Lobos’ entire work for his instruments on CD and DVD – opens the series of three concertos with works for solo piano by Emile-Robert Blanchet (1877-1943), Claude Debussy (1862-1918) and the Sonata no 2, Opus 66 (1916) for cello and piano, from Villa-lobos.

The next day, Sunday, 15 de Mayo, also at 7pm, the second concert will bring a female suit. Soloist Erika Ribeiro will play five small pieces by Villa-Lobos and Claude Debussy, while the current shoulder of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB), Prissioni Rato, violinist Luísa de Castro, violist Clara Santos and cellist Janaína Sales, complete the program with quartet no. 3 on. 59 (1915), by Heitor Villa-Lobos.

The closing of the “Festival Vinte22” will be on the 21 de Mayo, Saturday, at 19h. The concert will feature two Villa-Lobos Trios: TRIO II e TRIO III, with the experience and musicality of Trio Aquarius, Composed of Flavius ​​Augustus, piano, Richard Loved, violin, and Ricardo Santoro, cello.

For those who wish to visit the Museum, it will be possible to take a guided tour of the collection at 5.30 pm before the Concert. Just book your ticket on the website www.evaklabin.org.br.

"FESTIVAL VINTE22" - Full Service

Saturday, 14 May – 7pm

Hugo Pilger, cello and Lucia Barrenechea, piano

event program:

Emile-Robert Blanchet (1877-1943)

In the Garden of the Old Serail (Adrianople) for piano solo

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

The Evening in Granada para piano solo

Heitor Villa-lobos (1887-1959)

Infernal Ballet for solo piano

Heitor Villa-lobos (1887-1959)

Sonata no 2, Opus 66 (1916) for cello and piano

I- Allegro Moderato

II- Andante cantabile

III- Scherzo

IV- Allegro Vivace Sostenuto

Sunday, 15 May – 7pm

Erika Ribeiro, Piano and Quartet with Priscila Rato, violin; Luiza de Castro, violin;

Clara Santos, Viola; Janaína Salles, cello.

event program:

Heitor Villa-lobos (1887-1959)

Pierrozinho's rider for solo piano

Simple Collection (1922) for piano solo

Mystic Waltz for solo piano

In an enchanted cradle for solo piano

Rodante para piano only

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

Minstrels for solo piano

Heitor Villa-lobos (1887-1959)

Quartet n.3 op.59 (1915)

I - Allegro non tropo

II – Very alive

III – Very slowly

IV – Merry with fire

Saturday, 21 May – 7pm

Trio Aquarius composed by Flávio Augusto, piano; Richard Loved, violin; Ricardo Santoro,


event program:

Heitor Villa-lobos (1887-1959)

Trio II

Allegro moderato

Calm Andantino

Joke - Spiritual

Very alegro and final

Trio III

Cheerful with motorcycle


Allegretto sprituoso

allegro animated

Eva Klabin House Museum – Av. Pessoa, 2480 – Lagoon

Concert Tickets:

One piece – BRL 50.00/Half Entry – R$ 25,00 (per concert)

Concert Tickets + Visit to the Museum:

One piece – BRL 70.00/Half Entry – R$ 35,00

To see the full schedule and purchase your tickets, click here.

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