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& quot; How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your mother!" work of John Miler, banner. Disclosure.

Book chronicles zombie apocalypse set in Brazil

“How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your mother!”By John Miler, is a comedy that has the ambition to become a TV series Brazil faces zombie apocalypse in “How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your ...

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Mythology books for you to read in 2021. Disclosure.

Mythology books for you to read in 2021

Acquire knowledge and an incredible journey with the books on the list A new year has begun and opportunities to expand readings too. Aiming at entertainment through literature, we list some books that were inspired by Greek mythologies, Egyptian, ...

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Anna Todd and Aline Silvestri. Photo: Disclosure.

Wattpad can open doors for novice and veteran writers

After launching first book in physical edition, Aline Silvestri tells if it is worth publishing a story on Wattpad The number of Brazilian authors is growing, many dream of launching their stories in physical editions, but due ...

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Book "Under the Burning Snow" by Gabriela Guimarães, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Writing is an escape valve, says young author of 16 years

Gabriela Guimarães published “Sob a Ardente Neve” by Grupo Editorial Coerência and while debuting in the literary medium, facing the challenges of High School It was in 2019 that Gabriela Guimarães started to write. What started as a tale, became “Under the ...

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Gabriel Silva e seu livro "Chuva de Diamantes". Disclosure.

Blumenau journalist succeeds with debut book

Gabriel Silva lançou Chuva de Diamantes com o Grupo Editorial Coerência e tem chamado a atenção dos leitores O jornalista Gabriel Silva decidiu adentrar no mercado editorial no ano passado com a publicação do seu primeiro livro. O que era um ...

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Wagner Siqueira, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Book analyzes ethics and human relations in the corporate world

What are the implications of morals and ethics in the business world? This is the central theme of the book “Organizations are moral?”, administrator Wagner Siqueira, Federal advisor by the Regional Administration Council of Rio de Janeiro (CRA-RJ) and director general of the Corporate University of ...

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Eliane Canegal, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Through your book, Journalist teaches us what fighting is, perseverance and resilience

The journalist Eliane Canegal - black woman, born in the suburb of Rio, mother of two children, postgraduate in marketing and with 47 years - is a great example of overcoming and love of life. She has been through 15 surgeries and ...

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Zezé Pedroza, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Niterói: The fire at the North American Gran Circus completes 59 years

On 17 th December 1961, the city of Niterói went through the greatest tragedy ever: the North American Gran Circus fire, that left in its wake about 500 dead and 120 mutilated, besides dozens that ...

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"Amor Confinado" by Aline Silvestri, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Confined love: How far distance can interfere with love?

Peculiar Editora anuncia antologia e Aline Silvestri é uma das autoras selecionadas O novo Coronavírus, a Covid-19, estremeceu diversos relacionamentos ao longo dos meses durante 2020, alguns casais se divorciaram e outros encontraram outros meios para manterem contato, even ...

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Faces of Pandemic, banner - featured. Disclosure.

Faces of Pandemic: Maybe you identify with any of these stories

Anthology organized by Paula Barros brings together 10 fictional stories about the Covid-19 pandemic The new Coronavirus pandemic, a Covid-19, arrived in an overwhelming way, harming and taking the lives of people all over the world. Workers, unemployed, entrepreneurs, estudantes e ...

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