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Vanessa Guimaraes, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Vanessa Guimarães confirms presence at the 26th São Paulo International Book Biennial

Winner of two literary awards, the author will be in the days 02 and 03 de julho nos estandes da editora Cabana Vermelha e ABERST Autora de “Beijo de Borboleta” e “Os Outros”, Vanessa Guimarães anuncia sua participação na 26ª Bienal Internacional do Livro de São Paulo com duas ...

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Photography Beatriz Fidalgo, Blue Beetle Photography.

TEATRO SECALHAR launches free e-book on theater creation

The theater group TEATRO SECALHAR will launch the free e-book “lepAp: creation stories”. The focus of the book is on the process of creating “lepAp”, the company's first theatrical work, built entirely with the Modo compositing technique ...

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Book "Almost Guardian" by Rafaella Marques, featured. Disclosure.

almost guardian: Rafaella Marques launches second book in the Eleita pela Magia saga

after being elected, Luna needs to team up with her new witch friends to fight a dark magic villain that threatens everyone's existence Luna's journey into the universe of magic has just begun! Published by ...

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The relief theory: How a positive goal can generate immense dangerous reactions (autograph), by Octavio Pires - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

The relief theory, an urgent reflection on evolution and human weaknesses

How much the rampant consumerism experienced by contemporary society is simply the product of forces we do not control? We always seek relief from something that ails us and we act to find solutions to what we see as problems or desires.? These are questions ...

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"The Duke's Flowers" by Rachel Fernandes, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Rachel Fernandes releases her first period novel

“As Flores do Duque” follows a romantic arc in the period of the Old Republic, not brazil 1910 With more than five contemporary novels released, the writer Rachel Fernandes surprises her readers this Monday (24) with the release of “As Flores do Duque”, your ...

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Vanessa Guimaraes, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Vanessa Guimarães is invited to a panel on detective literature at the 4th edition of LER – Rio de Janeiro Salon

The carioca writer will be at the event on 15 de Mayo, from the 3:00 pm, of meat “Crime, punishment and police literature” with Raphael Montes This Monday (09), the 4th edition of LER started – Rio de Janeiro Salon, ...

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Book “O Recomeço de Elisa Amyr” gets a movie adaptation. Photo: Disclosure.

Book “O Recomeço de Elisa Amyr” gets a movie adaptation

Naican Escobar joins the film production team alongside director Marcos Kligman Writer and filmmaker Naican Escobar announced on his social networks another project, this time involving literature and cinematography. Her book “O Recomeço de Elisa Amyr” is being ...

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Book "Afonso Tostes: Between the city and nature", invitation - featured. Disclosure.

Afonso Tostes launches BOOK at Mul.ti.plo | 3/5

Afonso Tostes launches the first book about his work, in the Mul.ti.plo Gallery. Between the city and nature reviews the artist's trajectory based on images of his work and reports on the work process, from the start ...

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Maria Clara Parente, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Journalist Maria Clara Parente launches second book of poetry, 'Push the Floor’

Autograph session takes place 26/3, at Livraria Janela, from 5 pm Push the floor (7letters) it's an invitation to other types of movement during the paralysis of hard times. Some themes like death, refuges, failure and “slowness” as ...

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naican escobar. Photo: Disclosure.

Naican Escobar uses art to talk about depression and its consequences

Working in different segments of the art, the artist proposes to bring messages and reflections about the disease to young adults For many people, Youth is a period of life composed of several crises and intense questions that can ...

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