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Book "The Talismans of Jade" by Paula Carminatti with co-creation by Eliton Viegas, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Paula Carminatti's first novel was released by Grupo Editorial Coerência

"The Jade Talismans", co-created by Eliton Viegas, It was released in 2020 by the Plus+ label After releasing some short stories on Amazon and contributing stories to several anthologies, a autora Paula Carminatti lançou “Os talismãs de Jade” pela Plus+, selo do Grupo Editorial ...

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Book “Melina Crível” by Ingra Danielle Português, cover - featured. Disclosure.

New book by Ingra Danielle Português was launched by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Segunda obra da autora levanta reflexões sobre a importância de preservar o meio ambiente Após estrear na literatura com “A Caverna, o Príncipe e a Esposa”, a escritora e teóloga Ingra Danielle Português chama a atenção dos leitores com “Melina Crível”, seu segundo ...

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Book: "And all truth will be revealed" by Sandro Sabag, cover - featured. Disclosure.

And all truth will be revealed: meet Sandro Sabag's debut book

O livro nacional publicado pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência aborda conhecimentos sobre o mundo e humanidade até os dias de hoje O livro de estreia de Sandro Sabag, "And all truth will be revealed", foi lançado no último final de semana na Livraria Martins ...

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Samuel Freitas, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Samuel Freitas signs a contract to publish his first book with Grupo Editorial Coerência

the young author of 21 years, escreveu “Benjamin Pollux e o Medalhão da Lua” após um sonho O desenhista Samuel Freitas, from 21 years, assinou contrato com o Grupo Editorial Coerência para publicar seu primeiro título, "Benjamin Pollux and the Moon Medallion". In ...

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Tangled Collective, in the KALUNGA show, afro-brazilian dance. Photo: Disclosure.

Book researching Afro-Brazilian dance under a philosophical aspect

A search with almost 10 years about Afro-Brazilian dance was transformed in the book “Aesthetics of the performative practices of Afro-Brazilian scenic dance”, by Maicom Souza e Silva, philosopher and dancer from Espírito Santo. No trabalho que será lançado de forma independente com ...

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Book "The Park" de Kildary Costa. Disclosure.

Kildary Costa debuts in literature with book “The Park”

The work by Cearense was published in February by the Editorial Group Coerência Kildary Costa, public servant of the judiciary sector, estreou na literatura com “A Parca”, livro lançado em fevereiro deste ano pela Plus+, seal of the Editorial Coherence Group. A obra narra Perséfone entrando ...

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Book "Pirate Honor" by Helena Grillo, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Helena Grillo publishes new book by Grupo Editorial Coerência

The author of the books “Agente Charlotte” and “The girl and the dictatorship”, Helena Grillo, launched “Honra Pirata” by Grupo Editorial Coerência in the last semester Black belt in judo Helena Grillo launched the first book of the “Swords and Pistols” collection in March of this year ...

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"Hobin Rude - Memories of a Sidekick", by author Hugo Maximo, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Hobin Rude: Publisher Kalima launches its first comic book via Catarse

"Hobin Rude - Memories of a Sidekick", comic book by Hugo Maximo, will be published by Editora Kalima via Catarse. Hugo Maximo brings a style of art/illustration little used in Brazil. A 3D and 2D digital art, showing a beautiful look ...

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Book "The Little Magellanic Cloud", by Maria Clara Lacerda, cover - featured. Disclosure.

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: Coherence Editorial Group books to read in June

Discover stories starring LGBTQIA+ from the publishing house After the Stonewall Revolt, in 1969, when homosexuals confronted New York police during a raid on a bar in the city, a scenario was developed in which the community ...

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Matumaini - Pietene's notebooks, by João Peçanha, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Launches of the Editorial Coherence Group in May 2021

From the suspense to the collection of chronicles, publisher launches five books by national authors Grupo Editorial Coerência prepared six different books to be released during the month of May this year. João Peçanha, Misael Ferreira, Lilly Belmount, Marcio Zanini, ...

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