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Book "Corina and Corona: learnings from the pandemic, by capixaba author Isabela Castello, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

A book for the future guardians of the Planet

Plastic artist and environmental columnist from Espírito Santo, Isabela Castello offers propositional reflections for children and young people about the directions that humanity must take in the post-Covid world Much remains to be said about the Coronavirus pandemic and the impacts for ...

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Launch of the book "Esther Moreira - Interior Landscapes", Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

Launch of Esther Moreira's art book in Copacabana

A posthumous tribute to the legacy of visual artist Esther Moreira from Rio de Janeiro. This is the aim of the art book “Interior Landscapes”, organized by the artist's brother, Nelson Junior, which will be released on the 1st of April, Saturday, in Refreshing ...

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Book "Serra da Capivara: The Surprise of the Century, The Story of a Park" by Edna Bugni, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Serra da Capivara: the surprise of the century details the discovery process of the largest collection of cave paintings in the world

Product of years of research by writer Edna Bugni, the book Serra da Capivara: the surprise of the century, the story of a park addresses the discoveries of the largest open-air collection of cave paintings in the world. from the first photograph ...

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"About today - reflective poetry" by Flavia de Assis e Souza, featured. Disclosure.

Rhymes to slow down everyday life

In “About today – reflective poetry”, Flavia de Assis e Souza compiles messages of lightness and well-being for an audience that lives a frenetic day to day.? for some, get on the crowded bus ...

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Book "Beyond the Smoke" by Edvaldo Silva, cover - featured. Disclosure.

In the shadow of the Cold War: A theft, a disappearance and many crimes

no tangle of “Beyond the Smoke”, Edvaldo Silva builds an ingenious investigation that crosses borders and reaches Brazil The year was 1987, the city of berlin, capital of germany, was divided by a wall that prevented anyone from ...

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"The Dark Veins of the Sahara"" by Marcos Emilio Frizzo, featured. Disclosure.

hereditary misery: Marcos Frizzo's novel questions the legacy of future generations

“The dark veins of the Sahara” tests the limits of empathy in society in a story that passes through Brazil and reaches the desert What legacy will today's society leave for the next generations? In the novel The Dark Veins ...

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"The King's Secret"" by Douglas Portelinha, featured. Disclosure.

A book can change the course of the Great Navigations

“The King's Secret”, written by the paranaense Douglas Portelinha, mixes fiction and world history in an adventure plot From Paraná to Bahia, civil engineer Douglas Portelinha lived in different Brazilian states. because of the profession, also lived in other ...

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"Angel's Blood"" by Aline Silvestri, cover - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

angel blood: How far would cupid's angel go for revenge?

Urban fantasy duology written by Aline Silvestri is released this Tuesday (08/11) Well known for the work of forming couples, cupid angels are popularly linked to loving and angelic beings, but not all are like that. Released this Tuesday (08/11), ...

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Book "In the Eyes of Osko" by Amanda Aquino, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Amanda Aquino challenges readers in her new thriller “In the Eyes of Osko”

The writer's third work will be released on 27 August on Amazon and competes for the Kindle Prize for Literature Debuting in literature at 15 years old during the Rio International Book Biennial, the carioca writer Amanda Aquino prepares ...

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Illustrative picture. Photo: Pixabay.

Launch: book tells the backstage of the pilgrimages in honor of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Will be released next day 5 of August an unpublished book that talks about one of the Portuguese traditions: the pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Agony. The work, entitled “Festas D’Agonia – Viana do Castelo – For Brazilians and ...

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