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Reading Good. Disclosure.
Reading Good. Disclosure.

CAW Productions – Day 07 de Junho starts motivating texts to improve the soul

In order to encourage reading, poetry and poetic texts, CAW summoned writers and poets from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador to showcase their work on social media, encouraging positive readings, motivational texts and inspirational poetry, thus rescuing feelings lost with isolation, is caused by your personal losses, materials and / or family.

“It is important to catch your breath for new goals even with so many losses, so we can continue and not permanently isolate ourselves”, highlights the coordination of Ju Yao.

Among the Writers:

Marllon Pereira

Writer, Poet delves into social pain to transcribe his texts, poetry and thoughts. Currently a law student.

Ana Priscila

Lawyer, Christian, feminist, psychoanalyst in training and film buff. Write to remember.

Silvino Netto

Doctor of Education, specialist in Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard researcher, com premiação, creator of the brand CIDA E ADÃO (CITIZEN) and author of books for age groups on Multiple Intelligences. President of OSCIP BRASIL FORTE.

Isadora Cardozo

Writer who reflects on being a black woman in Brazil, bringing personal experiences to question the directions of structural racism in the lives of the black population, dando ênfase ao emocional, affection, black body, empathy, sorrows, strength and everything that materializes in being black.

Paulo Neri

Advertising, (1968), soteropolitano, is an actor, director, writer, playwright, poeta e compositor. He is the author of the book ” The Buzios Revolt or The Tailors' Conception” e está prestes a lançar os livros.

Date: 07 June – 31 August.
Local: Instagram @cawproducoes


  1. It's Ana Priscila, com l.

    Abraço e obrigada por dar espaço para nossa coluna importantíssima na CAW.

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