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#CCBBemCASA: Immersion, Art and Music

Programming of LIVES with international collaborators from Björk and national guests touches aspects of immersion, art and music from the artist's work

How to approach Björk in times of pandemic? The CCBB offers the public an unprecedented program of lives with some of the main foreign collaborators of the Icelandic multi-artist, in chats that also involve national guests, in addition to a VJ set and a musical performance for each day, 17 and 18 next october, from 18h00, on Cinnamon Comunicação's Twitch (www.twitch.tv/cinnamoncomunica).

The starting point is the exhibition Björk Digital, held at CCBB Brasília and CCBB Rio de Janeiro, where the artist presents an immersive visual journey from her album “Vulnicura”. Interrupted at the CCBB due to force majeure (COVID-19), the exhibition was held in collaboration with several artists who worked and still work with Björk, including James Merry (England), Jesse Kanda (Japan), Andrew Thomas Huang (United States) and Santiago Felipe (United States), who will now be able to speak to the public about this process through lives.

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Local guests are Alma Negrot, Linn da Quebrada, Zeca Camargo and Aisha Mbikila, besides the musician and performer The Man Statue, which will end Sunday's schedule with an unprecedented musical performance. The VJ set that ends Saturday's schedule is Doon kanda, stage name of Jesse Kanda. The lives are presented by the actress, director and presenter Barbara Paz.

Learn more about the content that will be covered in each of the chats:

James Merry and Alma Negrot: From his small studio in Iceland, British visual artist James Merry will tell us about his creative process and stories of his work with Björk, who you have collaborated with since 2009. As your creative co-director in all your looks, Merry also created masks and headpieces for numerous live and video performances. In addition to his work with Björk, Merry is known mainly for his hand embroidery (he already collaborated with V&A, Gucci and Opening Ceremony, among others). Recently, he created the impressive gold mask that Tilda Swinton wore at this year's Venice Film Festival. After your talk, James will be accompanied by performer and creative director Alma Negrot to discuss their mutual love for masks, art and fashion.

Jesse Kanda and Linn da Quebrada: Before your set exclusivo Doon Kanda Hybrid DJ + Live + Video, visual artist, Tokyo filmmaker and musician Jesse Kanda will join the funk dance queen and one of the most recognized LGBTQI + activists in Brazil, Linn da Quebrada. Both are multifaceted creatives who work with music and film. Jesse has a long list of creative partners, including Bjork, Arca, FKA Twigs e Kanye West, as well as his recent debut album Labyrinth with his stage name Doon Kanda. Linn's debut audiovisual album, Pajubá, was considered a trans part related to Lemonade Beyoncé and was the theme of the film Bixa Travesti, who won the award for best documentary at the Berlin Film Festival.

Andrew Thomas Huang and Zeca Camargo: Filmmaker and visual artist Andrew Thomas Huang, known for his collaborations with Björk, FKA Twigs e Thom Yorke, speaks directly from Los Angeles about his extensive experience development work for the traveling and immersive virtual reality exhibition Björk Digital. Then, renowned music journalist and TV presenter Zeca Camargo, reporter for Folha de S.Paulo, ex-VJ of MTV Brasil and most popular host of Fantástico da Globo, will join Andrew for an exciting conversation about his latest projects, including his first feature film Tiger Girl, in development, with the support of Sundance Institute.

Santiago Felipe e Aisha Mbikila: Self-taught photographer and director Santiago Felipe will join us directly from Brooklyn, New York, where he acts as a requested celebrity photographer for Getty Images. He will share his experiences (and stunning photos) as official photographer on the Björk tour, as well as his work with SIA artists, Billy Porter e, finally, as renowned chronicler of nightlife underground and dinner Drag de Nova York. Then, Santiago and the model, actress and director Aisha Mbikila will discuss their respective creative works and social transformation through art.

In addition to the lives, the online program in honor of Björk also includes the catalog produced exclusively for the exhibition at the CCBB and available digitally on the website www.cinnamon.com.br/bjorkdigital, and a new mask in augmented reality, “Utopia Silicone”, which can be accessed through Björk's instagram profile (@bjork).

Björk Digital was created by Björk and James Merry and produced by Manchester International Festival (MIF). The exhibition at CCBB is presented by the Ministry of Tourism and the Special Secretariat for Culture, sponsored by Banco do Brasil, co-sponsorship of BB DTVM and production of Cinnamon Comunicação.

Lives #CCBBemCASA: Immersion, Art and Music
Parental guidance: Free
17 October, from 18h00
James Merry and Alma Negrot chat
Chat Jesse Kanda and Linn da Quebrada
VJ set Doon Kanda
Presentation: Barbara Paz
18 October, from 18h00
Andrew Thomas Huang and Zeca Camargo chat
Chat Santiago Felipe and Aisha Mbikila
Musical performance L’Homme Statue
Presentation: Barbara Paz

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