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Sparks in Motion – Instituto Tomie Ohtake visits the Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection

Exhibition features approx. 190 works of more than 55 artists from cearense collection

Opening: 15 th December 2002, at 7 pm – until 19 April 2023

This exhibition from the Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection inaugurates the program “Tomie Ohtake Institute visits”, that seeks to give access to the general public to works of certified quality that are rarely exhibited, presented under different curatorial readings.


“By being released from a permanent collection, for not being a museum, Instituto Tomie Ohtake has the flexibility to visit multiple agents in the artistic world, immersing themselves in their repertoires, stocks and holdings, and offering audiences an articulate montage that traverses art history in a unique and temporary way.”, Affirma Paulo Miyada, who signs the curatorship of Sparks in Motion, next to Tiago Gualberto, guest artist and curator to develop the collection's curatorial approach.

Based in Fortaleza, Ceará, the Igor Queiroz Barosso Collection has been formed in the last 15 years, even if its roots are older. collect art (in particular, collecting Brazilian modern art) it is an old dedication in the family of Igor, going back to the initiatives of his paternal grandparents, Parsifal and Olga Barroso, and maternal, Edson and Yolanda Vidal Queiroz, and carried to him by his uncle Airton, and his mother, Myra Eliane.


This heritage implied living with art, the perception of the sense of collecting and even the storage of works that, until today, are among the pillars of support for the set that Igor has put together. The Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection has around 400 works and stands out for selecting not only artists of great historical relevance, but for seeking works of special significance in the trajectory of these artists.

In the cut made for the exhibition – from a collection that houses works produced between the 18th and 21st centuries by national and foreign names – highlights the production of artists active in Brazil throughout the twentieth century, under the ambivalence of modernism, movement so much discussed in this year that celebrates the 100 years of the Modern Art Week in São Paulo.

the sculptures, paintings and drawings gathered indicate the diversity covered by the show. Gualberto highlights works known as Ídolo (1919) and Mulatto's Head (1934) of Victor Brecheret (1894-1955), Indian and Mulatto (1934) by Cândido Portinari (1903-1962), in addition to works by Alfredo Volpi (1896-1988), Willys de Castro (1926-1988), Lygia Pape (1927-2004), Mary Vieira (1927-2001), Djanira da Motta e Silva (1914-1979), Chico da Silva (1910-1975) and Rubem Valentine (1922-1991).


The curator also adds famous names of Brazilian art such as Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973), Anita Malfatti (1889-1964), Maria Martins (1894-1973) and a large number of works produced between the decades of 1950 and 1970. “This density of productions also reflects a very diverse contingent of artists, in addition to offering us privileged observation points of the ways in which modern values ​​were transformed and multiplied in the middle of the century”.

According to the pair of curators, from your first environment, the exhibition shares riddles about the formation of Brazilian art and its deep ties with the territory and the nation. “They are invitations for each visitor to find their paths and hypotheses through these assemblies., finding modernism, its consequences and deviations in a state of ebullition, with your scrambled chronology, its hierarchies in suspension and with the constant possibility of finding setbacks in advances and leaps forward in returns. A way to rekindle the heat impregnated in the making of each of the works.”, complete Gualberto and Miyada.

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It was in this context that the expography of Sparks in Motion, built with floating and self-supporting panels, that place works by different artists in relationships of echo and contrast, from different times and contexts: portraits and faces, with Ismael Nery, Di Cavalcanti, Brecheret, From the coast, Segall; cosmogonic evocations, with Antonio Bandeira and Antonio Dias, in contact with the baroque piety of Aleijadinho; landscapes, with Chico da Silva, Beatriz Milhazes, Manabu Mabe, Danilo Di Prete, Teruz; concrete ruptures alongside figurative works, with volpi, From the coast, Lygia Clark, Leontina; conceptual parables that touch formal syntax, with emerald, Shift lever, Sergio Camargo, snake; and full and empty with Maluf, Sacilotto, Pape, Clark, Oiticica, valentine. As Gualberto explains: “The uniform application of chronological organization of works or their segmentation by authorship was avoided. Which will certainly turn the visit to the exhibition into an opportunity to trigger nuances or agitated sparks resulting from these encounters”.

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About the Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection

Businessman Igor Queiroz Barroso, is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Edson Queiroz Group; president from Junior Achievement from Ceará; Coordinator of the Council of Lar Torres de Melo; and president of the Myra Eliane Institute, created in 2016. He also worked on the creation of the Edson Queiroz Memorial, in Cascavel, no Ceará.


Sparks in Motion – Tomie Ohtake Institute visits the Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection
Opening: 15 th December 2022, at 19h
By 19 April 2023
Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm – free entry
It is recommended to use a mask

Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Av. Faria Lima 201 (Coropés Street entrance 88) – Pine Trees SP
Nearest metro – Faria Lima Station/Line 4 - Yellow
Phone: 11 2245 1900

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